Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Babel Conspiracy by Sylvia Bambola

ISBN13: 9780989970723
Heritage Publishing House
My thoughts: This is my first experience with the writings of Sylvia Bambola and I have mixed feelings about her book.

I like the strong Christian influence of Trish, the female protagonist. While she found herself in love with her employer who is a married man, she does not act nor allow him to act on their feelings.

The story involved a multi-leveled plot that unravels in America amidst the ending months of a Presidential election year. The country is amok in violence, rioting, police without support, and an active ISA (Islamic State of America) withing the borders. Add to that the suspicion of corruption in high places of the government and not knowing in whom you can place your trust, you have a formula for anarchy.

Another strong female character in the story, Audra, works with Trish in the design and implementation of building the first nuclear powered airplane. The author's extensive descriptions of the plane's construction and source of nuclear power made this reader feel more as though she were reading science fiction instead of Christian suspense and intrigue.

The author handled the repeatedly occurring occasions of adultery, heavy alcohol consumption, and moral depravity without overt graphic descriptions. The story was in my opinion, though, a bit heavy in this area for Christian fiction. There is violence involving threats, beatings, and knifings as well as defilement of a woman. This places the book squarely outside the realm of my recommendation for less mature readers.

Realizing that the World is corrupt and rife with evil and evil-doers and that the Christian is to be in the World but not of the world, I will cautiously recommend this as a book that will give a glimpse into what America might become in the very near future unless America turns to God.

About the book: The Babel Conspiracy is a tale of intrigue and love. Two women engineers struggle to develop the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft amid intensifying global terrorism and muddled personal lives. The project is fraught with sabotage and murder but who’s behind it all? When the Department of Homeland Security and the Mossad finally figure it out, the answer surprises everyone. Trisha Callahan has an abiding faith in God. Audra Shields sees herself as a modern Lady Chatterley. Before it’s all over, they will both question their lifestyle.

I received a copy from the BookCrash Reviewer's Program to facilitate a review. Opinions are my own. I was not compensated.


  1. Vera, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I think I might have to pass on this book. Thanks for the review. Visiting from Booknificent!

  3. I'm intrigued by this plotline, and with your warnings in mind, might give it a cautious try. Thanks for sharing this post at Booknificent Thursday on!


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