Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's Summer Still! Relax with a good book!

Don't let the start of school here in August fool you. It. Is. Still. Summer.! So run to the store. Run to the library. Grab from your secret "stash." Just get a book, a good book and read. It is time to be a bit lazy and still stimulate that wrinkled mass of intelligence that sits  inside your skull. Read a good book.

What is your favorite? Romance? Suspense? Mystery? (I have a hard time telling the difference between mystery and suspense.) Whodunit? Detective? Fantasy? Science fiction?

Or perhaps you prefer the non-fiction genre - biography, autobiography, history, research, animals, medical?

What really grabs your interest and keeps you turning the pages?

Here on Chat With Vera I focus on lots of books and you'll find that they are all very clean reads. Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, children's picture books, children's board books, children's non-fiction books.
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So if you're looking for something and the mass of books lining the library or book store shelves have you scratching your head in confusion as you try to make a choice, take a peek around here and see if there is something that appeals to you. Just......

Relax with a good book!

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