Thursday, August 11, 2016

Feathers for Peacock by Jacqueline Jules and Illustrated by Helen Cann [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN13: 9781937786533
Many peoples and cultures have legends about birds and how they got their wings, or their chirp, or their feathers. It is interesting to read or hear these stories that have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries.

In Feathers for Peacock we have an original story by a contemporary author, Jacqueline Jules, and beautifully illustrated by Helen Cann. It is not a folk-tale but it reads like one. Ms. Jules has created her own story. In the back of the book she also shares some fun facts about peacocks. Now about the book....

The story opens back when all the birds had no feathers and they were all sad. And then the moon helped and they all got beautiful feathers...... except...... Peacock. And he was sad.

When Moon saw he was so sad and the other birds as well, they all joined in sharing feathers of their own (not Moon, of course) so Peacock could have feathers.

But they were a messy mess of feathers. Then Moon said he'd fix it.

Peacock got his feathers and was proud and happy. The others had been kind and had shared. The legend type of story is gentle and sweet and will teach valuable lessons to little ones with whom the book is shared. This lovely book will be a good addition to school and home libraries.


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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Wisdom Tales to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated.


  1. Jacqueline Jules is a prolific writer of children’s books, a poet, a teacher, and a librarian.
    She became a writer because she loves to play with words.
    Her book Duck for Turkey Day was on the 2010 National Council for the Social Studies list of Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People.

  2. 1. Children of the Tipi:
    Life in the Buffalo Days
    Edited by: Michael O. Fitzgerald

    2. Everyone Prays:
    Celebrating Faith Around
    the World
    by: Alexis York Lumbard

  3. Jacqueline is a poet,teacher and librarian.

  4. I really like the illustrations that you've shown here. Beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

  5. She is a poet, has other books including one about medival Spain, and first articulated her desire to be an author in the third grade.

  6. 1. Whispers of the Wolf and 2. Pine and the Winter Sparrow

  7. Jacqueline is a librarian, has written more than 20 books for children, and spent hours doing jigsaw puzzles growing up.

  8. I like the book Pine and the Winter Sparrow
    retold by: Alexis York Lumbard
    illustrated by: Beatriz Vidal
    I think it would be a great book and a great giveaway also.

  9. Jacqueline is a poet, writer, teacher and librarian.
    She has written over 20 books of which some won awards.
    She became a writer because she loves to play with words.

  10. I learned that Jacqueline Jules that as a child, she spent hours reading various genre of books, She has written over 20 books for children, and she was the recipient of a 2014 Aesop Accolade.

  11. 1. I would love to read and share with my child the Everyone Prays:Celebrating Faith Around the World book.

    2. I would love for you to review the When the Animals Saved Earth: An Eco-Fable book.

  12. My middle son would LOVE this book; he is obsessed with peacocks! Pinned.


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