Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today was very pretty and somewhat hot. But things are beautifully green after the lovely (drenching) rain we had on Thursday. Well, I got up and had a couple cups of coffee to get going and then commenced to clean. Well, not deep clean, but getting dust off the floors, window blinds, and furniture - at least in some of the house.

After surfing the web and finding some nice $1 coupons on a variety of items at the grocery store, I headed out to the local store. I was also armed with some very nice coupons for freebies that I gathered from the All You magazine. How delightful to see that some of the items were also Buy-One-Get-One free items. How wonderful it is to be so pleasantly surprised and able to stretch the grocery dollars. God is good. Every time. All the time. Isn't it great how He supplies in our lives?

Have you checked out the daily Bible reading (through the Bible in a year) link on my blog? It is really nice in that you can LISTEN to it! So you can kick back, open your Bible, and listen to it being beautifully read. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was recently in a discussion about the salvation of an individual and how one can be assured that they won't "lose" their salvation. Here is my response:

Our salvation is provided by Christ and Christ alone. It is not of righteousness lest any should boast. It is not of our works in any way. If we had to work for our salvation, the work of Christ on the cross would not have been necessary. Man can not atone for his sin because the gulf of separation between God and sinful man is too great. It takes the perfect righteousness of Christ and His atoning work to provide our salvation.

Therefore, since our atonement is in the perfect righteousness of Christ, once we have recognized our need of redemption and have accepted Christ's all sufficient work on the cross, we become one of the forgiven, adoptive children of God.

As a child of God, we may not please Him in things we do. We may not walk close by His side. We may actually anger God by our disobedience. We are, however, His children. We are His.

The story of the prodigal is often used to portray a sinner who comes to God (the Heavenly Father). I see it, too, as the portrayal of a son who has strayed and returned to the Father. We as children of God (redeemed children of God) may stray, we may displease our Father, but we can return to His open and loving arms.

In a nutshell, we are always the beloved child of the Father once we are adopted (born again) into His family.
(c)Copyright GrannyGGodley

Monday, August 25, 2008


Recently a friend share a frustration involving her being imposed upon by family. It involved a situation whereby her own mother was calling daily asking her to do things for her and for her Grandmother. This is all well and good until it reaches the point of inconsideration. It had in this case. Here is my response to her.

On G'mama and the toilet paper: I am glad you went over there and took the toilet paper; and I am especially glad you spent the time with her. At that age (97) and living in an elder-care facility, their world is so very, very small and closing in on them daily. You expanded it for her and brightened it a bit. Being asked by your Mom to take toilet paper was a bit much, but going and doing something special for your G'mama was wonderful! Glad you enjoyed taking your own time to give her a little more quality time.

On your Mom: I'm pretty close to the same age. I try not to call upon my kids to do anything for me. When I do it is something I think they will recognize as valid. Her request that you care for her little critter during a storm (critter was an insider) while she was out of town is a bit much. Animals are meant to fend for themselves in weather of all types. Why, they are even suppose to find their own food! Of course, that is prior to man's domestication of the critters. Now if your Mom felt she could travel to friends and far away places, she probably took care of the feeding of her little critter. God will take care of the frightened critter during the storm. So you did a good thing by not trying to cope with doggie's fear factor and staying out of the fray.

On being taken advantage of by family: Consider family as your nucleus here on Earth for consistency. If it is going go "consist" (my coined word usage), then we are responsible to make it consist - stay together. However, we have to recognize that each member of the family needs to have time on their own. Time to think. Time to relax. Time to reflect. Time to mend. Time to unwind. Etc., etc., etc. This day was to be your's to do all these things as you needed to do them. You Mom was being unrealistic. Is she typically this way? Is this a new factor in her life or behavior?

Each of you will have to deal as you can with situations peculiar to your individual families. You need to remember, though, that each of you must do your part to hold the family together. But you must each carve time out for yourself in order to remain sane and healthy.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Luke 6:31

Do that which is right and good in the site of the Lord. Deuteronomy 6:18

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello to the world of blogging!

Greetings to each of you who has been so fortunate as to happen upon this spot on the www. This is really the frivolous musings of a little 'ol Southern Lady with no particular agenda. Don't know what we'll be chatting about, but perhaps you will find it interesting. Here's hoping you will; and that from time to time, you will find it uplifting.

To begin with let's thank God that it is such a beautiful day. Yes, it is. For He has made it.