Monday, August 30, 2021

Weather: Pop-up Book by Maike Biederstadt [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

Hardcover $25.00
Prestel Publishing
Ages 7 - 17
My thoughts:
  As I write this review, there is a major Category 4 hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast of the USA specifically in the Louisiana area. This type of storm (or weather) is monstrous, destructive, life threatening and people need to be aware of the dangers. Therefore, introducing children and teens to the study of The Weather should begin early so they can understand what is happening in the World around them.

The book we have today is a beautiful pop-up book that is packed with information describing Earth's weather systems and illustrated with delightful, awesome, pop-ups that are stunning.

The very first pages explain "Why the weather is the way it is" and shows the Earth with it's covering of clouds and swirling arrows indicative of the air flow and wind currents. The effect of the Earth's rotation on the wind and driving force the Sun is on our weather. 

Then the "pop-up" pages begin with short explanations. 

The artistry of paper-cut art work provides intriguing dimensional interest as well as attention to detail. 

This introduction to weather study doesn't forego the opportunity to present the effect of mankind on the Earth and how climate change has an affect on the weather. 

This book is probably not suitable for public or school libraries, but it certainly is appropriate for home school book shelves, private collections, and anyone interested in pursing early introduction to weather studies.

About the book: From raucous stormy seas to a welcomingly vivid rainbow, weather's most exciting moments come to brilliant life in this fantastic new pop-up book.

In her hugely successful books Creatures of the Deep and What's in the Egg, as well as her enormously popular series of greeting cards for the Museum of Modern Art, Maike Biederstaedt has established herself as one of the preeminent paper artists working today. Now Biederstaedt takes book engineering to new heights as she immerses readers in five electrifying weather scenarios. As each spread unfolds, a meticulously designed landscape emerges--a freighter balances like a nutshell between high waves in the sea; a tornado takes terrifying aim at a truck trying to outrun it; a rain-spewing storm cloud towers like a skyscraper over a farm house. Nature's delicate beauty emerges in the intricate shapes of a snowflake and in the luminous arc of a rainbow. Each page features an informative description of its weather event and the book closes with sobering commentary on the effects of climate change. A wondrous introduction to weather for budding climatologists, this is also an artistic tour de force that collectors will treasure.
Begins August 30
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Monday, August 23, 2021

I Saw a Beautiful Woodpecker by Michał Skibiński and illustrated by Ala Bankroft (release date Oct. 2021)

My thoughts: This is a highly unusual children's book and one to mull over for compassionate understanding.

It is not exactly appealing with its many pages of dark illustrations that do not contain detailed imagery. But once you begin to read and mull over the text and images, you grasp that the darkness is representative of the emotionally dark period in which this 8-year-old boy was writing in his journal.

Upon reading the "about" in the back of the book, one learns that the boy's father is a pilot (Polish?) air squadron who died 9/9/1939 - in the midst of the boy's journal though his father is not mentioned.

The daily activities as relayed in the sparse journal entries seem normal, but pondering this book on multiple reads will convey that the boy's family (grandparents, mother, and even nanny) are involved in moving him about and keeping things at a semblance of normal.

A dire, dark period in man's history was looming and this book brings a real-life-journal, preserved over 80 years, to today's readers capturing  the essence of a childhood survivor of World War II experience in the enveloping darkness that pervaded their lives. And it also records a spot of beauty in the boy's entry, "I saw a beautiful woodpecker."

About the book: It is the summer of 1939 in Warsaw, Poland and Michal is an eight-year-old boy just finishing his school year. In order to improve his handwriting, Michal's teacher gives him a simple assignment: keep a journal, writing one sentence a day. Eighty years later, Michal's diary has been gorgeously illustrated with beautifully atmospheric paintings. Eloquent in its simplicity, the journal is a remarkable artifact that captures the innocence of childhood and the trauma of war. The journal starts out with a typical boy's observations: July 15: I went to a stream with my brother and teacher. July 23: I found a caterpillar. However over the course of weeks, menacing details emerge. July 27: A plane was circling over Anin. September 1: The war has begun. September 3: I hid from planes. September 14: Warsaw is bravely defending itself. These haunting entries are interspersed with visits from relatives, a soccer game, a trip to a park, an ice cream cone. Photographs of pages from Michal's diary enhance the poignancy of this simple record--an ordinary holiday interrupted by war; a life changed forever by an extraordinary moment in history.

I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog by Lisa Papp from Peachtree Publishing [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]


My thoughts:  Adorable Madeline Finn is back again with her canine companions. In Madeline Finn and the Library Dog she met Bonnie a grown dog that befriends young readers in the library. In Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog she has the opportunity to see her very own pup, "Star," being trained to be a therapy dog.

In Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog, the 2nd book in the series, sweet Madeline chooses her new pup, "Star." She dearly loves the pup. Then she learns about shelter dogs and her compassionate heart reaches out. 

Her mother and another adult teach her about shelter dogs, and she is given the opportunity to help make the shelter dogs' lives more comfortable. This results in adoption of some of the shelter dogs.

This is another beautifully illustrated, gentle, and compelling book for young readers. I recommend the 3-book-set for homes of dog lovers and libraries everywhere.

About the book:  Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog centers on budding independent reader Madeline Finn, her newly adopted puppy Star (one of Bonnie’s puppies!), and their unique quest to help animals at their local shelter. This sequel was a natural leap for Lisa Papp. After spending time with so many library dogs writing the first Madeline Finn book, she became aware that many of them are former shelter dogs. Papp is a passionate animal lover and pleased these special pups are at the heart of this installment.

Begins August 22
Ends September 16  @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
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Friday, August 20, 2021

Hair Scrunchies are trending across the world [Review & Giveaway]

 Long hair is "in" especially with the  young and young-at-heart. But it needs taming at times and that's where the beloved scrunchie comes in. Rubber bands, and yes, even "elastics" can cause breakage of the hair and you really don't want that.

The scrunchie is a bit of elastic held in a sleeve of fabric. Decorative and practical at the same time. It holds and controls your beautiful hair. And they can be fun. These from @ShopGalNY on Etsy or Instagram come in a variety of fabric designs that are colorful and sometimes make a statement.

Scrunchies are back! Even First Lady Jill Biden @flotus has been seen wearing them. Trending amongst the young is to wear them on their wrist until needed to gain control of the hair. 

These scrunchies are Made in the USA in the New York area and this is a woman-owned small business. They are priced $5.99 or 2/$10 plus $3 shipping. 

3 Scrunchies (We'll surprise you with selection)
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DISCLOSURE: I received scrunchies to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Winner's scrunchies are provided and sent directly to the winner by @ShopGalNY owner of the Small Business. #scrunchies #scrunchietrend #hairscrunchies #supportsmallbusinessnow #wewearscrunchies

Variations of Pink Kneesocks are a big hit

Picture compliments of

 Don't you just love girly looking pink socks? They just scream, "I'm a girly girl, I care about life, I have a warm and loving heart.". 

These "pink socks" are so much fun to wear and can liven up your life or squeal "Let's party!" to your friends. 

Do you have a favorite of these pictured? I love the argyle plaid socks and the cats are great for cat lovers. And who doesn't love the fun of polka dots?

Knee highs are soft, warm, comfortable. They are #MadeInUSA and can be found at 

And.... they have a pretty powerful "fur free" policy - check it out - "Fur Free Policy." 

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Away with Words: The Daring Story Of Isabella Bird by Lori Mortensen & illustrated by Kristy Caldwell (Peachtree Publishing) [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

My thoughts: 
An interesting picture book biography of a woman "before her time" who dared to be a non-conformist in Victorian England. The story begins with young Isabella as a sickly child who lay abed and indoors much of the time. Finally, a doctor encouraged some outdoor activity might benefit so Isabella's father took her horseback riding. On these rides he helped her discover and develop a love of all things in the out of doors.

Her health improved during these times of outdoor activities and declined when the activities were halted.

Finally, she began to adventure forth on travels to various parts of the world. During these trips her health improved and she lovingly recorded what she saw and experienced.

I found this story of a liberated Victorian woman interesting to read. There was just enough text and accompanying illustrations to engage a young reader. I find picture book biographies interesting and wonderful tools to help drive the young reader toward the non-fiction book shelves for book selections.

About the book: An inspirational picture book biography for readers seeking adventure-filled girl power stories. Perfect for Women’s History Month!

“Isabella Bird was like a wild vine stuck in a too-small pot. She needed more room. She had to get out. She had to explore.”

Exploring was easier said than done in Victorian England. But Isabella persisted, and with each journey, she breathed in new ways to see and describe everything around her. Question by question, word by word, Isabella bloomed. First, out in the English countryside. Then, off to America and Canada. And eventually, around the world, to Africa, Asia, Australia, and more.

This dashing picture book biography about the first female member of the Royal Geographic Society takes readers around the world with a daring nineteenth-century female explorer and author. Kristy Caldwell’s detailed illustrations illuminate Bird’s travels around the world, and Lori Mortensen’s back matter, author’s note, and bibliography will satisfy the curiosity of readers who want to learn more.
Begins August 16
Ends September 10 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Blue Man by John L. Moore (A novel of Ezra Riley, Montana Rancher) [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts:  Imagine with me a ranch in the vastness that is Montana. A modern-day aged rancher riding his old, dependable horse looking for a mean, aged cow and her calf. The cow is ornery. The cow can't just be left to graze and roam the Montana hills through the winter because she doesn't have any teeth left. It's a bad situation and Ezra is determined to bring the cow in.

Then imagine an unexpected visitor to the ranch that surprises Ezra with a demand for him to leave the ranch immediately and fly across country to clandestinely meet the President of the USA. A secret meeting. A meeting that can not be talked about.

Let your imagination sweep over all sorts of strange happenings beginning to impact the moments, days, and nights of this aged rancher. And then  try to imagine just who the "Blue Man" is and how he fits into this unexpected turn of events in which Ezra Riley finds himself embroiled.

I was pleasantly surprised at the writing of John L. Moore and the serious nature of the book, the entertaining interaction between rancher and animals, the premise of scientific and psychic experiments of the CIA. I loved the humorous interchanges between Ezra and his good friend "Barn Wall." 

This was a good, clean book to read, entertaining, surprising, and fun. Quite a mix of words that brought joy to the reading. This is one that men and women with both enjoy.

About the book:  Ezra Riley is a hardened Montana cowboy who prefers the hills, cattle, and horses to cities, but his unique gift for dream interpretation has him secretly taken to the White House where the President is suffering from recurring nightmares. Riley's encounter with the President launches a series of attacks by the man behind the nightmares, William Anderson Hall, an elderly master spy and a pioneer in the CIA's experiments with psychic powers and hallucinogens. In his remote Virginia compound, Hall has invested 30 years and millions of dollars in creating Blue Man, the ultimate psychic warrior.

Riley's life is soon complicated by Davis Browne, a former agent with the Department of Homeland Security, and Hall's two nieces, Isabel Elizabeth Hall and Mary Margaret Hall. Riley's rough ride is balanced by his cowboy friend, the cartoonist Barney Wallace, whose loyalty follows Riley to the climactic end and the revelation of the content of the President's dream.

Begins August 15
Ends September 10 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only.

About the Author: 
John L. Moore is an award-winning novelist and journalist. He's published seven novels, several non-fiction books and over 2,000 articles, poems, short stories, columns and reviews. A third-generation Montana rancher best known for his western classic, The Breaking of Ezra Riley and a pioneer in the Christian fiction genre, he is the winner of numerous awards, including a 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction for his sixth novel, Looking for Lynne. Active in ministry for over a quarter century, Moore has appeared in four documentaries due to his knowledge of the history of horses on the Northern Great Plains. He is a member of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

What Others Are Saying

"Moore is a master writer. In Blue Man, he skillfully weaves a story of intrigue that captivates while laying bare our present-day culture." —Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, Author of Born for Significance and Hope in Any Crisis

“Blue Man is a fantastic novel, perhaps John L. Moore’s best, in its propelling action with hardly a pause and in the several levels and dimensions of character portrayal. I began the novel late in the day and could not put it down until I finished it at 4 a.m.” —Larry Woiwode, Bestselling author, Winner of the William Faulkner Foundation Award, Finalist for the National Book Award and the Book Critics Circle Award

“What a read! Blue Man is filled with prophetic intrigue surrounding a national plot that parallels our own headlines. This story will make your jaw drop and you will wonder whether it's fiction...or a preview of our future." —Wanda Alger, Author of Moving from Sword to Scepter: Rule Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God 

“Wow! What a trip! Once I picked up Blue Man, I couldn’t put it down. The characters grew on me more with each scene and on occasions I laughed out loud which is rare for me. Blue Man hits with a powerful spiritual impact." —Amy Thomas Davis, Author of Divinely Powerful - A Prophetic Blueprint Introducing the Coming Age'

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Winner's copy is provided and shipped directly to the winner by publisher, publicist, or author. Chat With Vera is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Illnesses, vaccines, end-results, and fears

As a child of the 1940's and a post WWII world where new discoveries were frequent and wonderful, I experienced a bit of both the pre-medical-wonders world and the prolific advances in medical science.

I had most, if not all of the childhood diseases - measles, mumps, chicken pox. We had frequent colds. And I had pneumonia five times before the age of 6 years. No antibiotics for help in getting well. Just one's own immunity and the tender loving care of family, nurses, and doctors.

I count it a blessing that I and my family escaped the polio epidemic that raged during my childhood. Others didn't, and their bodies were ravaged from that terrible illness.

Thankfully, the scientific and medical world was busy discovering many new aids for the fight against disease. So when my own children were in their early childhood, the Dr. Jonas Salk POLIO VACCINE became available.

When made available in our area of the United States, we stood in line and received ours's. Even our current "babe in arms" received it. We didn't hesitate. You see.....

We had seen and experienced the ravages of disease in our lives and the community. We were thankful for the privilege to have the opportunity to defeat the foe. 

Years later, the effort to eradicate one of the childhood diseases - SMALLPOX - became a reality as the result of world-wide vaccination against this disastrous virus.

So today, I speak as one who trusts our medical scientists, our doctors, and especially the doctors who treat me and my family. Today, in our time-line, there is a virulent virus rampant in the world killing and causing life-time bodily harm. Our defense is to be on the offensive. Our weapons* include being vaccinated against it.

So I am pro-vax. I and my husband are vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

*Other weapons include: masking, washing hands frequently, distancing oneself.

--©Vera Godley/Chat With Vera 8/10/2021

Dakota Crum Tiny Treasure Hunter & Ride the Wind picture books [Review & Giveaway - USA/CANADA]

Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter by Jamie Michalak & illustrated by Kelly Murphy

My thoughts:
This is a cute story of Dakota the mouse having an adventure at the museum gleaning treasures left behind. The illustrations are dark with shadows from dimmed lighting befitting a closed museum but they are also detailed with spots of bright color. The items are treasures that delight a mouse and it isn't criminal action that is involved. Just a bit of sleuthing about.

At the end of the book, the reader is given a couple pages of small items that the reader can try to find on the pages of the story. Be aware, some are hard to find - at least for this grandmama. Children love books where they can search and find items. This will delight.

About the book: In a clever take on the “night at the museum” theme, a little mouse with a genius for collecting leads picture book readers—and seek-and-find aficionados—on a thrilling nocturnal adventure.

Dakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter is both a rollicking story with a dash of danger and, in its final eye-popping spreads, a seek-and-find challenge. As the clock in the great museum tick-tocks pas midnight, a little mouse with a sack and a treasure map scurries past the guards. Plucky and intrepid Dakota Crumb scours the museum for artifacts, including the rare purple jewel of Cairo (a gumdrop stashed in an exhibit). By day, the little mouse shares her carefully curated finds with fellow tiny creatures that flock to Miss Crumb’s tiny Mousehole Museum. A feast for sharp-eyed readers—who’ll delight in circling back after the story to pore over the illustrations in search of treasure—this gently suspenseful tale, splashed with soft, dusky hues, evokes a world of wonders after dark.

Ride the Wind by Nicola Davies & illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino

My thoughts:  This story is a bit on the deep side emotionally for the young age group it is intended. Dealing with the death of a mother (or either parent) is difficult at any age. To see it dealt with in this story leaves me conflicted. First I don't see this as an appropriate story for the intended age group. Secondly, I think the story well done and a beautiful story of a boy's caring for a wounded bird.

The harsh life of a fisherman's family and the near cruel way the father deals with his son are heavy ammo for a child's book. Factor in the stress of caring for a wounded bird (a child with a loving heart) and the heavy emotional toll of grieving the loss of a mother, you have a near impossible scenario.

I did, however, like the book. So I'm conflicted. I think the book appropriate for library collections but I think parents need to be alerted about the heavy hearted emotional load this story can bring and be prepared to help a child understand.

About the book: A heartfelt story of a father and a son, of grief and reconnection—and an albatross who needs to find her way home.

Javier has a secret. On one of his father’s fishing trips, still hurting from the loss of his mother, he finds an albatross caught on the hooks—alive, if only barely. Against the orders of his father, who has been distant and disparaging, Javier smuggles the bird to safety and begins nursing it back to health. Every day the albatross accepts a little more food, but she shows no sign of wanting to use her wings. And if Javier's new friend refuses to fly, how will she ever find her way home? From award-winning author Nicola Davies, with dramatic watercolors by Salvatore Rubbino evoking the setting of Chiloé Archipelago, off the coast of Chile, comes a stirring tale of loss, loneliness, and the power of empathy.
Both books to 2 winners
Begins August 10
Ends September 2 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA & CANADA
NO P.O. BOXES. Phone # required for Canada.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Chase (US Marshals #2) by Lisa Harris

My thoughts:  I missed reading the first in this US Marshals series, The Escape; but reading book #2, The Chase, is a good stand alone book. It is however, one of those somewhat unique series where each book leaves a cliff hanger ending that ties it to the next. In this case .....small spoiler alert..... the sweet, slow romance, doesn't have a happily ever after ending but a "maybe someday" ending.

But the meat of the book isn't just a gently building relationship that might someday lead to a romance. No, it is a chase that is packed with fast paced action and the rounding up of bank robbers, murderers, and blackmailers.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Trendy head scarf puts edge on outfit or makes a bad-hair-day a good day [Review & Giveaway]

"Camo" patterned, cotton blend 

Who remembers head scarves from years past? Trendy then. Trendy NOW! So convenient. I don't mean the silky, large scarfs your great-grandmama wore or even those worn by Queen Elizabeth when she is out 'n about in her Range Rover or riding her horse or walking her dogs. No, I mean cute cotton or cotton-blend scarves that are well made triangles just right for keeping flyaway hair, mussed up, or just simply "a mess" hair under control. Beachy. Woodsy. Trip-worthy. Shopping-worthy. 

Love the same fabric encased elastic that holds it in place. Love they are machine washable. Love that all ages love them.

Quality workmanship,
fabric covered elastic

Head Scarf in NEW YORK design

Head scarves in on trend colors and attention-grabbing patterns. From the US-Workroom there are fresh new prints you haven’t seen. These cotton and cotton blend head scarves are the perfect foil for a bad hair day or day at the beach. Think about that extra hour you’ll gain if you don’t fuss with your hair? 

Found on Instagram @Shopgalny, you can DM to place orders or tap link for @etsy store. $18 each or 2/$28. Fun, kitchy and unique.

Enter the #giveaway and try to win a head scarf for yourself or to gift to someone else. Shop owner chooses winning fabric pattern. Want a specific pattern? Shop @etsy store

Begins August 2
Ends August 26 @ 12:01 a.m. EST
Open to USA addresses only.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary scarf to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Winner's prize is provided and mailed directly to the winner by @ShopGalNY / @D.I.Widger. Chat With Vera is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Cleaning one's self with natural and vegan soap bars is like a dream come true [Review & Giveaway USA-2 Winners]

Amidst the renewed worries of the Covid-19 pandemic with the rise of the Delta variant, it is especially important that we not let down our guard to...

And with the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives bar soaps you can lather up and WASH YOUR HANDS and the rest of yourself to keep the Delta variant of Covid-19 at bay.
Lathering up my hands with lovely Lavender bar soap

My readers know how much I just love the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives bar soaps. These soaps are so special to use. The fact that they are good for your skin and the environment makes them even more special and they are natural  soaps that are made in the USA and in small batches using natural and sustainable ingredients. 

✅GEB soaps lather beautifully and feel so good on your skin.
✅GEB soaps leave you feeling clean.
💚Non Gmo 
🚫No parabens
🌿All natural

Argan Jojoba with Camellia & Avocado Oil Bar Soap

I have used Argan and Jojoba infused hair and skin products previously. This bar of Good Earth Beauty Exclusives soap is promising me a lovely cleansing for my skin. Just think..... lovely oils and a bit of honey, oatmeal, and goat's milk. What a combination!

All natural Argan Jojoba Soap  - with avocado and camellia oils.  Great for sensitive skin and skin conditions such as ezcema and psoriasis. Made in USA by Good Earth Beauty Exclusives. 4.5 oz bar Price: $9.25 (Find it Click Here)

Ingredients: saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, shea butter, argan, jojoba, avocado, and camellia oils, honey, oatmeal and goat milk



All natural Soap Lavender Triple Butter contains a creamy blend of Shea, Mango and Cocoa butter combined with the calming essence of lavender. Made by Good Earth Beauty Exclusives. 4.5 oz bar Price: $12.00

Ingredients: Saponified organic olive, coconut, palm oil and shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and lavender essential oils

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If you have won from a GoodEarthBeauty giveaway in the past 30 days you are ineligible.
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