Sunday, June 30, 2019

Celebrating an anniversary

When one gets older and the mind and body betrays you in a mammoth manner, your mind can still meander through the maze of memories recalling fond, beloved, magical moments that laid a foundation for coping with the mechanics of darker days that you will surely face.

Today is a milestone day.

Today marks 62 years since my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows in the old beautiful church that was Southside Baptist in Wilmington, North Carolina. The church is long gone - torn asunder by the ravages of age, deteriorating neighborhood, and congregational move to other locales. The church was a beautiful place to see as well in which one could worship God. The sanctuary was somewhat circular with the floor sloping downward toward the altar area. The pews were curved to allow the circular concept and allow for better visual of the front of the church. There was a pipe organ. The pews were solid mahogany. There were stunning stained glass windows through which the sunlight filtered.  It was beautiful.

And it was the location of our simple, yet lovely 1957s wedding.

But before the wedding there were some splendid moments of courtship, getting acquainted, having fun. These included a number of fun outings. My groom-to-be  was a student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and I was in high school in Wilmington. During our months of dating or courting, he traveled frequently the two-lane roads from Chapel Hill to Wilmington. Exciting.

We attended a couple dances and he was such a splendid date. So handsome. Stunning. And a very classy, classic gentleman.

Then he asked, and I said, "Yes." The diamond was gorgeous. We began planning.

Then the day arrived. We walked the aisle of Southside  Baptist Church. We said our vows.

We went back to my home and changed our clothes. Then the escape began. We were showered with rice and send on our way to begin our journey.

A journey of years that were joyful, heavy, filled with excitement, filled with the stress of managing a budget, raising a family, providing food, providing an education and medical care for our quiver full of children. So fruitful. So special.

He has been my strong provider. My protector. My guide. My children's father. My sweetheart. All of these years and he has been a faithful husband, a good father, a respected member of his places of employment, and a leader in our church through the years.

And together we have had such great preparation for the twilight years that lay ahead of us.

Twilight that is now upon us and a darkness that encroaches. But it is a darkness that can not be surpassed. No. We have a light to guide us. A source of strength that overcomes and outweighs any twilight, dimming, darkness that threatens to engulf us.

We have Christ. The Christ of God. The Saviour. Our Saviour.

So we won't picture the aging features. We won't show the broken, bent body. We won't show the wrinkles and declining eyesight. We show the beginning. We anticipate the end with our Savior who gives a new, unbroken body. A body of strength that endures forever and an eternity.

So we celebrate our 62 years of marriage looking forward to an eternity of celebrating our lives with Christ our Saviour.

Jack Hoggard Godley
Vera Mae Houston
United in Marriage
June 30, 1957
Celebrating 62 Years on June 30, 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Number of Love by Roseanna M. White (THE CODEBREAKERS #1) Releases: June 2019

My thoughts:  I have mixed feelings about this book. The character, Margot De Wilde, is an 18 year old working in the decoding area of Great Britain during WWI. She is a prodigy in the mathematical field - a field in which few women had been recognized as excelling up to that point in history.

She has a real quirky personality. The strangest feature of Margot in my opinion, though, is that she sees everything through the lens of numbers. She thinks in numbers. She perceives virtually everything numerically speaking of primes, absolutes, etc. She rattles off series of numbers as a reaction to a particular happening or thought.

It seems that she feels direction from God through numerical sequences or specific numbers connected to events, places, or people. This seems a bit mystical and yet it may be her means of communication intellectually - a language in and of itself to her.

High intelligence is a requirement for decoding as well as composing codes. She has this, surely.

As the story progresses she and the male protagonist begin to develop a romantic relationship. She is slow to fall for Drake, though.

The historical significance of the decoding room 40 of the British military is quite interesting. The adventures of spies and conspirators on both sides of the military conflict interesting and well written to keep the reader's interest piqued and ready for a conclusion.

The conclusion is really good and not just because the good guys won. It is well written with just the right amount of excitement and angst.

About the book: In the midst of the Great War, Margot De Wilde spends her days deciphering intercepted messages. But after a sudden loss, her world is turned upside down. Lieutenant Drake Elton returns wounded from the field, followed by a destructive enemy. Immediately smitten with Margot, how can Drake convince a girl who lives entirely in her mind that sometimes life’s answers lie in the heart?

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Bethany House to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Loving "All Things Lavender" and especially this Lavender Vanilla Shower Whip from Good Earth Beauty Exclusives [Review & Giveaway]

My readers know by now that I love lovely fragrances that bring so much joy to our senses. Lovely candles. Lovely soaps. Lovely lotions. Lovely perfumes.

The dear folks at Good Earth Beauty Exclusives - a natural beauty products company in the United States that makes all their items in the USA, in small batches, and with "love" - have sent me a nice little tub of this amazing Shower Whip and the fragrance is a light Lavender with Vanilla.


Good Earth Beauty's natural Shower Whip will liven up your shower! This natural shower soap will detoxify and exfoliate your skin leaving you feeling refreshed, clean and moisturized!  For use on face and body!

Lavender Vanilla  Scent Description -  Creamy vanilla intermingles perfectly with sweet French lavender. Relaxing and tranquil.  

Made by Good Earth Beauty Exclusives  12 oz Tub $18.00

Ingredients: Organic RAW Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Powdered Volcanic Ash, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Natural fragrance and essential oils.

This product provides a glorious bath experience. Or.... you can use it to wash hands and arms for a fabulously clean feel that lightly exfoliates.

It contains a bit of volcanic ash to gently exfoliate. It lathers nice. It cleans beautifully. Leaves skin softened.

And the scent is light and very, very pleasant.

What a treat!

Now you're in for a treat, too. You can enter this little giveaway for 3 of the mini-sizes of the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives Shower Whips. They'll surprise you with the scents. You won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile..... why not go ahead and cruise their Good Earth Beauty Exclusives online store and find some lovelies for yourself. 

You don't have to wait to see if you win the giveaway. You can order your own products and  offers a nice DISCOUNT  CODE - SKINCARE10 which nets you 10% discount. And as always, FREE SHIPPING in USA.

3 Mini-Size-Shower Whips Value $12
(Good Earth Beauty's choice)
Begins June 27
Ends July 25 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA
a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLOSURE: I received products to facilitate this review by rendering an honest, "I've used it myself opinion." Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Why God? by Dan DeWitt

My thoughts:  This children's picture book from Christian publishing house B&H Publishing Group offers Christian parents and children's group leaders a simple way to approach the heavy theological concept of God and the big questions little kids have that require simple but astute answers.

Young Thomas is our main character with a strong "wing-man" in the character of his dog, Dorothy. Thomas is a typical boy that loves the out-of-doors as is depicted in the opening illustration and his first silly-question.... "Are bats really just mice with wings?" You see, Thomas is a curious boy and one that ponders.

In the opening pages we meet Thomas' sister, Hope, and his mother.

His questions go beyond the bats and mice with wings type. He asks, "Why God?" because his friend at school doesn't believe in God, so why do we?

As Mom begins to respond to this question, she gets into the story of origins of the Earth, seeds, flowers, and just everything. She explains that, "Everything had to come from somewhere," the good and the bad. Then the story progresses to the fall of man with the disobedience of Adam and Eve.

The essence is, "He [God] made this world just right so we could know His power. And He made our hearts just right so we could know His goodness." This is a lot of scope for a single picture book.

The end page "Parent Connection" shares a Scripture to remember: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands." Psalm 19:1

The illustrations are cute and charming and present happy children in a lovely environment.

About the book: It’s often hard to keep up with all the questions that come from children’s inquisitive minds and active mouths, and the challenge is never bigger than when they ask the biggest questions of all―Who is God? Where did He come from? Why should I believe in Him?

As this picture book introduces two fun child characters who are full of questions about God, readers go along for the discovery, learning richly about the glory and wonder of their Father. Written by an apologetics professor with a love for both stories and children, Why God? takes apologetics and makes it accessible for young readers, not only answering their questions but also opening their hearts to the wonders of God.

Be sure you visit the author's website for some caffeinated insights -

About the author: Dan Dewitt (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of applied theology and apologetics and the director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity at Cedarville University. He is the author of Life in the Wild (The Good Book Company, 2018) and Jesus or Nothing (Crossway, 2014). He posts regularly on his blog

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Good Son - A Story from the First World War Told in Miniature by Pierre-Jacques Ober & illustrated by Jules Ober and Felicity Coonan

Candlewick Studio
Hardcover ISBN: 9781536204827
104 pages/Ages 14 and up

My thoughts:  This is a beautifully executed book using the photographic imagery of miniature figures to depict the scenes of war - battles, marching groups of soldiers - from the story that is being told. The time is 1914 at Christmastime and the setting is France.

These scenes evoke the scale and scope of war. The large groups of men involved. The battles and the destruction caused from them. The soldier didn't anticipate the reality of the bloody war he later experienced. It haunted him.

The conflicted mind and emotions of a soldier have him in a situation of desertion at time of war. The question in my mind is "Did he actually leave without permission resulting in desertion?" or "Did he not return in the prescribed amount of time allotted?" or "Was it simply a misunderstanding?" Each answer evokes a different thought process and emotional impact as to the story.

Is this a children's book? I don't think so. It is intended for the age 14 middle-school age child and upwards, and it could readily give opportunity to discuss the realities of war; but I think this discussion more suited for the upper limit of the intended audience plus a few years. The pictures do depict the impact of war on individuals in the civilian as well as military community.

I enjoyed the artistry of staging the miniatures and the photography. The backstory of the photographic production of this book is fabulous and shows the intricacies of this type of work so beautifully executed. 

I liked the desire of the soldier to be with family. I disliked the imprisonment and promise of execution - whether by error or truly justified. For a children's book this is a bit much - even the intended audience.

About the book: It is Christmastime, 1914, and World War I rages. A young French soldier named Pierre had quietly left his regiment to visit his family for two days, and when he returned, he was imprisoned. Now he faces execution for desertion, and as he waits in isolation, he meditates on big questions: the nature of patriotism, the horrors of war, the joys of friendship, the love of family, and how even in times of danger, there is a whole world inside every one of us. And how sometimes that world is the only refuge. Its publication coinciding with the centennial of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, this moving and sparely narrated story, based on true events, is reenacted in fascinating miniature scenes that convey the emotional complexity of the tale. Notes from the creators explore the innovative process and their personal connection to the story. (Find the book at Candlewick)

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Shya Monet Anti-Aging Foaming Cleanser (Argon Oil, Coconut Oil, Green Tea) from Nature's Paradise [Review & Giveaway]

Nature's Paradise Skin Care and specifically the SHYA MONET COLLECTION is a featured brand on the all natural, organic Good Earth Beauty products website.


Best selling & influencer fave
foaming cleanser by Nature’s Paradise

Product information (from Good Earth Beauty vendor)  

Foaming Cleanser is enriched with Organic Coconut Oil soap which cleans deep within the pores eliminating bacteria and build up. Yet, is a non irritating formula free of chemicals making it gentle to the skin which is important to limit future breakouts. In keeping acne and blemishes away, you must be gentle to the skin. Irritating the skin will cause more breakouts.  7 ounce bottle. Made by Natures Paradise Organics -  Price: $29.00

A light foamy cleanser and one "pump" 
is definitely enough to do the job!

I have been using this cleanser for several months on a nightly basis. It is absolutely wonderful. It cleans. It softens. It leaves my face feeling fresh.

The cleanser is a silky feeling foam that you dispense into the palm of your hand. Then you slather it all over your face and neck with gently rotating motions to loosen all the grime and makeup and environmental pollutants that you've encountered that day. I rinse by splashing water over my face and then take a nice warm, wet washcloth and get the last bits of residue swiped away.

So lovely feeling and so clean and fresh.

Check out my previous review when I'd only used the Shya Monet Foaming Cleanser for a short while. CLICK HERE

Vera's advice.....

It is such a relief to see natural, organic ingredients listed for this product. It gives me an assurance that I'm doing the best I can for my skin. As a lady-of-a-certain-age, I need to make each moment count and each product used a quality, safe, effective product. The Shya Monet line of products is for any age. Start young and take care of your skin for beautiful skin when you are older. Getting a late start on caring for your skin? Never mind, use that which will benefit you, apply generously and regularly, park a smile on your face and be beautiful!

Buy it and try it for yourself. See if you don't think this is a #natural #organic product just right for you. Use the Discount Code SKINCARE10 and save yourself 10% and it SHIPS FREE IN USA. (Buy it here)

1 Bottle Shya Monet Foaming Cleanser
$29.00 Value
Begins June 13
Ends July 10 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
DISCLAIMER: I received complimentary product to examine and evaluate to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine alone and are freely given. Prize is provided and shipped directly to the winner by

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Beat the Summer Brain Slump with National Geographic Kid's books for Middle Grades (STEM approved + Kid fun!) [Review & Giveaway]

National Geographic has several new middle grade STEM titles that will help kids avoid the “summer brain slump” AND the Luna title is a terrific tie-in to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.  

Undaunted: The Wild Life of Birute Mary Galdikas and Her Fearless Quest to Save Orangutans by Anita Silvey (Ages 8-12, Hardcover, $18.99) 

My thoughts:  This is a beautifully done non-fiction book telling the story of the work and mission of a naturalist and primatologist intent on survival of Orangutans. While I don't personally agree on the some of the philosophies and theories in the book pertaining to evolution, I believe this is an exceptionally well-done biographic of Ms. Galdikas.

Her work with these animals for nearly 50 years is remarkable and admirable. Understanding primates is a worthy goal and yields rewards for humanity as well as the scientific community.

I found the photographs outstanding providing insight into Dr. Galdikas' work as well as these interesting animals, orangutans.

This book belongs in school libraries and in home libraries where animal conservation is high interest.

About the book: As a young scientist, Birute Mary Galdikas had a mission: to find and study the elusive orangutans of Borneo's rain forest to help protect this amazing and elusive species.  Award-winning author Anita Silvey explores the life and legacy of this incredible and little-known primatologist as she carries out an epic search in Borneo and struggles to survive while studying the world's most endangered great ape. Her studies which she began at the young age of 25 brought these critically endangered apes to the world stage, and they are still making an impact today. Now in her 70s, Dr. Galdikas has conducted the longest running study of any wild mammal by any single scientist.   Please check out a terrific video of Anita talking about the book here on KidLit TV. An educator guide is also available.

Early praise for Undaunted:
* Booklist:  “Beautiful photographs, inviting format, notes, and an index make this a great addition for any animal collection."
* Publisher’s Weekly: "Silvey presents a crisp portrait of a tenacious, groundbreaking scientist who has been underrepresented in books for youth.”
* School Library Journal - “This detailed book is great for students who are studying animal conservation or want to learn about similar primatologists and anthropologists like Jane Goodall.”

Luna: The Science and Stories of Our Moon by David Aguilar (Ages 10+, Hardcover, $17.99)

My thoughts:  I was young when America landed on the Moon and mankind made that enormous step onto the surface of the round orb that has lit our nights and been a mystery to man. It hasn't lost its fascination to people today, and recounting those major steps of space exploration and achievement never grow old. Nor does this old knowledge acquired  pale into insignificance with each new discovery.

We delight in knowledge. We delight in knowing our closest astro neighbor. We delight in discovery.

The book Luna takes knowledge and exploration in a new and different direction for young readers and is designed to fascinate.

The science that we know is incorporated with the ageless or timeless stories that pervade literary history. Beginning with the ancients and others who worshiped the moon, there are stories, fables, myths, folklore, beliefs focused on the moon. Luna: The Science and Stories of Our Moon doesn't mix them up or muddy the Luna-scape. It just presents information, history, science, and also the stories.

Keep in mind that as with most National Geographic publications an "old Earth" is assumed or the books are predicated on that assumption or belief. As one who doesn't hold to the "old Earth" idea, I can still enjoy, appreciate, and learn from this fine publication.

About the book: Publishing in time for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, astronomer, artist and former Director of Science Information for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics David Aguilar explores the moon from all angles, from its place in the night sky and our solar system to its role in shaping human history and culture. Myths of the moon's creation from around the world are interwoven with detailed explanations, illustrations and photographs of the science of how the moon actually formed. Readers will also learn about the moon's effects on Earth's tides and imagine what the world would be like without them, as well as examine the moon-men hoaxes from history and find out how scientists may actually colonize Earth's closest neighbor. A unique title that weaves together science and myth, history and technology. An educator guide is available.

Early praise for Luna: * School Library Journal -  “a fantastic and comprehensive look at Earth’s only natural satellite… An excellent, extensive, and focused look at the moon, perfect for leisure reading or research.”

This Book Is Cute!  The Soft and Squishy Science and Culture of “Aww” by Sarah Wassner Flynn (Ages 8-12, Paperback, $12.99) 

My thoughts:  The information presentation by National Geographic is spot-on for appeal to the targeted age group - ages 8 to 12. They respond well to bits of information graphically arranged on a page with attention grabbing illustrations. This Book Is Cute does just that.

The subject of cuteness spans an assortment of emphasis...
  • In business - mini and micro to technology (hi-tech), Icons from 1898 that endure because  of cuteness or appeal. Example: Coppertone girl from 1953 and the Pillsbury dough boy from 1965.
  • The bizarre - tiny kitchen cooking and cute desserts sure to please
  • In science - Biotechnology to create small tomatoes and broccoli, kiwi berries and mouse melons. These take food engineering to a new level.
  • Cultural cuteness - Kawaii in Japan,  gnomes in Australia, and Suess in North America
  • conventional vs unconventional - A look at what is cute about platypus and bugs and a bit of defense of ugly animals
  • Capture the cuteness - A how-to capture cuteness on paper or film
  • Use and value of cute horses as therapy animals
  • A bit of the "why" - science behind natural instinct to protect cute babies...survival of the cutest
My daughter is an educator and she and I both highly recommend this delightful book.

About the book: Ever wonder why some creatures just make you want to cuddle them? Those adorable big eyes. Those floppy ears! And that soft velvety fur. Welcome to the soft and squishy science of cute! This book delves into what actually makes something "cute," what happens inside our brains when we see something cute, and why we're biologically hardwired that way.  Flynn explains the psychology and physiology behind our responses and answers questions like:   What influence does our culture or environment have on our conceptions of cute? Also explored are why some brands, products, and characters have been such sensational hits through the ages and an up-close look at the crazes of today, from the indisputably cutest animals ever to Internet sensations. Let the squealing commence!

๐Ÿ”ถ๐Ÿ”ท GIVEAWAY ๐Ÿ”ท๐Ÿ”ถ
3 Books for 1 Winner
Open to USA addresses only.
Begins June 12
Ends July 11 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of each book to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Books are reviewed in collaboration with my daughter, V. Andrews.  Prize is provided and shipped directly to the winner by the publisher or publicist.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Introduce math concepts to toddlers with "Crash! Boom!" and "Now What?" from Candlewick Press [Review & Giveaway - US/CANADA]

Two unusual children's books that teach math concepts 

The idea of using manipulatives so that children can more readily gain a perception of geometric shapes has been around a long time. Not necessarily given the name of manipulative, but actively used none-the-less, the simple, and long used, ABC building square blocks taught colors, letters, cause and effect, and skills in building.

The books Crash! Boom! and Now What? carry this a bit further. Differentiation and similarities of  square and rectangle, long and short, number of sides, etc. is addressed.

CRASH! BOOM! A Math Tale by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Chris Chatterton

Download a Teacher Tip Page - Click Here

My thoughts:  Crash! Boom! is not your ordinary children’s counting book.  Youngsters will have fun with this story about a cute little elephant who has trouble stacking his blocks. Perfect for children learning to count, the pictures also teach early math skills like measurement and adding more.

The focus is on counting, comparison, and stability. As the little elephant plays with his building blocks, he counts to the discover that additional blocks create a tower as tall as he is and then when it falls it is shorter than he is. And as he progressing in his building knowledge, he sees that stability is achieved through the use of a variety of sized and shaped blocks.

About the book: Elephant has a bucket of blocks and wants to build something tall. Something as tall as Elephant. But will it stay up? CRASH! BOOM! Not this time. Build it again? One block. Two blocks? Four blocks? It’s still not as tall as Elephant. More blocks! Now will it stay up? Now will it be as tall as Elephant? Build, balance, count — question, estimate, measure — predict, crash, and build again! Young children will happily follow along as Elephant goes through the ups and downs of creating something new and finally celebrates the joy and pride of success.

Now What? A Math Tale by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Chris Chatterton

Download a Teacher Tip Page - Click Here

My thoughts:  Little ones will also enjoy watching a sleepy puppy build a bed in

Now What? Along with Puppy, they will learn geometric concepts associated with basic shapes. Rectangles, squares, and triangles, oh my!

As the puppy begins building with his blocks, he discovers that the various shapes can be combined to create the larger rectangle that becomes his bed. But he goes through the stages of increasing the size of the platform through the addition of shapes in combination. (He finds that two triangles can become one square, etc.)

The ending is cute as little puppy is quite tired and sleepy but he still has two pieces he needs to make use of and then he can rest. Fun!

Parents will love the educational value of these stories, and the delightful illustrations will make them popular with the younger crowd. These books would make a wonderful gift along with a set of different size blocks, so that kids can build along with the stories.

About the book: Puppy wants to build a bed out of blocks, one that is wide enough and long enough for a snooze. But there aren’t enough rectangles, squares, and triangles. NOW WHAT? Build, measure, count, compare! Follow along as Puppy tries again and again and again and finally figures out how blocks of different shapes and sizes can fit together to build a bed that’s just the right size for a nap.

GIVEAWAY ~ 5 Winners
Each wins a set of 2 books
Begins June 10
Ends July 8 at 12:01 a.m EDT
Open to USA & CANADA 
NO P.O. Boxes, please
Canadian winners must provide a phone #
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Winners' copies are provided and shipped by publisher directly to the winner/s.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Cuclie Baby sweaters styled in timeless classic designs: Extraordinaire features found only in highest quality [Review & Giveaway]

Baby needs a touch of warmth even in the summer. Look for quality and comfort and find it in Cuclie Baby sweaters....

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” Rabindranath Tagore

No matter how a baby is clothed, the joy is still there. The smile is still there. And we realize that the promise of a future is still there. Each of us chooses to swaddle our newborn in the best we have to offer. We push those squirming legs and flailing arms into the openings of the prettiest, softest, most adorable piece of clothing we can get our hands on.

You see. We love these bundles of joy, these treasures, these silky soft wee humans that are gifted us to enjoy for a short span.

The Cuclie Baby line of clothes is an elegant, classic line of the softest Peruvian Pima Cotton. Sometimes they include a touch of Modal fiber to give elasticy to the knit. I previously received an assortment of these lovely clothes and they are now providing much joy to the parents of a beloved great-grandson - Baby Caleb. Read my reviews here and here.

In the next couple of weeks we're going to look at two of the Cuclie sweaters. Today.......

Don't you just love baby smiles?

Classic Kimono Cardigan

This kimono cardigan has contrasting scalloped trim and beautiful hand embroidered detail in the front. The Pima and Modal blend gives this cardigan beautiful softness and elasticity. As this cardigan is made from breathable Pima Cotton and natural Modal, it provides warmth as an additional layer, but will not be too heavy and uncomfortable for your baby. This cardigan is a wonderful option for an extra layer of warmth for your newborn

Materials: 70% Pima, 30% Modal
Available in Sizes 0 - 12 months
Button Closure at front

This lovely sweater comes in white with either pink, blue, or grey trim and the cute kimono style that has "side angled" button closure.

Baby Caleb absolutely loved his Kimono Sweater. (Well, his mommy and daddy did.)

The incredible softness of this lovely sweater provides light warmth for summer days and nights that have a slight chill. Featuring classic styling that is edged delicately with either pink, blue, or grey.

"The attention to detail is astonishing. From the delicate embroidery to the scalloped edges, it is clear each piece is thoughtfully and lovingly put together."

Cuclie Baby is a baby clothing brand dedicated to preserving traditional aesthetic using the world's finest natural fibers.
Pima cotton baby clothing, blankets & accessories. Newborn-24 months. Made in Peru with love... ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™ 

๐Ÿ’™You can find similar pieces at the Etsy Cuclie Baby shop (click here).
    ๐Ÿ’™Their online website (click here) will not be "shoppable" for about another month.
      ๐Ÿ’™Do check out stores that carry the Cuclie brand - Click Here.

      The Classic Kimono Cardigan: This kimono cardigan has contrasting scalloped trim and beautiful hand embroidered detail on the front. The Pima and Modal blend gives this cardigan beautiful softness and elasticity. Materials: 70% Pima, 30% Modal, Available in Sizes 0 - 12 months, Button Closure at front.

      ~|~|~ GIVEAWAY ~|~|~
      Classic Kimono Sweater
      Edging Color & Size choice of Cuclie
      Begins June 8
      Ends June 28 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
      Open to USA addresses only.

      DISCLOSURE: The winner's prize is provided and mailed/shipped directly to the winner by Cuclie Baby or their representative. I was not compensated for this posting and giveaway opportunity.

      Wednesday, June 5, 2019

      The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep [Giveaway - 3 Winners USA]

      My thoughts:  This fast paced Regency story guides the reader through the peril of travel along the heaths of the English countryside in the early 1800s. The usual was danger of highwaymen (thieves, murderers, meaness of the worst sort); but as this story unfolds, it is revealed that the most notorious of highwaymen is roaming the heaths.

      So for two young ladies, a young lady of station and her maid, to embark in only a simply unguarded coach was the worst type of risk. And sure enough, trouble found them. They were miraculously rescued by Captain Thatcher; and after much persuasion, he became their travel "guardian."

      As they traveled encountering numerous dangers, being wounded, and sorely tested, they also found God. Rather, Captain Thatcher found his faith in God through the sweet faith of the lady, Abigail Gilbert. And in doing so, this guardian who has been so strong and noble in protecting Abigail, finds that the truest and best guardian is God.

      Abigail Gilbert is journeying to meet her soon-to-be husband who is a noble man, a baronet. She finds, though, that he is not what she desires nor what she believes God wants for her.

      This is a delightful story and a joy to read.

      About the Book: A Cross-Country Trip through Regency England Brings Intrigue, Rogues, and High Adventure

      The must-read conclusion to Michelle Griep’s Bow Street Runners Trilogy: Life couldn’t be better for Abigail Gilbert—but it’s been a long time coming. Having lived with a family who hated her, love is finally within reach. Abby sets off on a journey across England to marry one of the most prestigious gentleman bachelors in the land—until highwaymen upset her plans and threaten her life.

      Horse patrol captain Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abby. But to him she’s simply another victim in a job he’s come to despise. Tired of the dark side of humanity, he intends to buy land and retire.

      Abby pleads with him to escort her on the rest of her journey. He refuses until she offers him the thing he desperately needs to achieve his goal: money. Delivering her safely will earn him more than enough to settle into a quiet life.

      So begins an impossible trek for the cynical lawman and the proper lady. Each will be indelibly changed by the time they reach her betrothed, if they don’t kill one another first—or fall in love.

      3 Winners. Each Wins A Copy
      Begins May 20
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      Monday, June 3, 2019

      Summery makeup must haves take you effortlessly into those hot months - Great #natural #beauty products from Good Earth Beauty [Review & Giveaway - Value $50+]

      Summer makeup should be fresh and protective as well as beautifying. Look no further because Good Earth Beauty has you covered with an assortment of grand products that you will absolutely love. 

      First brighten the eyes and protect the lips and then add a splash of color or glow to those lovely lips.


      Check out these great product lines carried at Good Earth Beauty and scroll on down to the end and enter the #giveaway for a chance at all four items.....

      Pure Anada mini mascara - Find it here

      After getting myself ready for the day, my daughters were talking about needing some new mascara. I walked up and one of them said, "Look at Mom's lashes! Long and full!" So I explained to them that I was wearing the Pure Anada Mascara. I received a mini sample of this wonderful mascara so I could use it and share my experience with you all.

      I love this Pure Anada because it brings out my thinned and greyed lashes and makes them "pop." I always felt that my eyes were my best beauty asset and becoming a lady-of-a-certain-age has made me feel that my best is now being lost to time.

      Not so with this lovely mascara! I highly recommend it.

      Remember it is #natural, #vegan, and #glutenfree

      Nvey organics clear Lip Lustre Crystal full size lip gloss - Find it on Good Earth Beauty here

      This lovely moisturizing lip product adds just the right amount of glow or glitz to make your lips lovely. It is a protective product, too, which you will need during the hot months of summer as you're exposed to more sunlight.

      Organic Lip Lustre’s fusion of nature and color is a dual purpose lip color and moisturizer, enriched with organic elements and Orange Essential Oil. Net Weight 0.28oz - Made by Nvey Eco Organic Make Up $24.00

      Good Earth Beauty Coconut Lip Balm (Find it here)

      Frequent readers of Chat With Vera know how much I truly love the Good Earth Beauty Lip Balm. My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice, but there is a really good assortment from which you can choose. We're featuring the Coconut Lip Balm today, and I think you'll love it to protect your lips this summer.

      Awhile back I gave one of these to a dear lady that is a resident in a skilled care nursing home. She absolutely loves it. So I plan to share another one of these with her. I think it is such a joy to bring a little joy into the life of someone and this is a simple way to do so.

      Vegan - natural -  soothing and moisturizing - helps heal chapped lips

      Choose from 10 fun, original scents - Candy Hearts, Bubble Gum, Coconut, Candy cane mint, chocolate mint, vanilla mint, vanilla marshmallow, jelly beans, candy corn or pumpkin pie!

      Made by Good Earth Beauty - Ingredients: Meadowfoam oil, olive oil, avocado butter, candellia wax, vitamin E, natural flavor oil Price $6.25

      Lippygirl lipstick our color choice (Find it here)

      The color I received is called Ski Bunny and is such a lovely shade of pink. And you know, of course, that "pink" is an "in" color this year. So you can go all Lippy-girl and be girly-girly with your lovely all natural and #vegan lipstick.

      Bright.  Bold. Matte.  These are fun,fierce, and flirty shades that are not shy! They apply matte and are vibrant after 1 swatch.  Made with a new better than ever recipe.

      This premium line of amazing lipsticks are made with organic and wildcrafted, natural oils and waxes and natural mineral pigments with food safe FD&C dyes.  100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free!  These lippies are made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carnauba Wax, and Shea Butter for the smoothest, creamiest finish, and super pigmented.  These lipsticks do contain dyes to give them unparalleled color pay-off, but the dyes are all food grade.  (Our Vegocentric lipsticks are purely mineral pigmented.) $20.00

      You don't have to wait to see if you win the giveaway. You can order your own products and  offers a nice DISCOUNT  CODE - SUMMER10 which nets you 10% discount. And as always, FREE SHIPPING in USA.

      All 4 Products Value $50+
      Color of lipstick is GoodEarthBeauty's choice)
      Begins June 1
      Ends June 30 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
      Open to USA
      a Rafflecopter giveaway 
      DISCLOSURE: I received these four complimentary products to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are mine alone and are freely given. Prize is provided by and shipped directly to the winner by Good Earth Beauty.