Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having your say

If you have looked over my blog in its entirety, you have seen logos for websites of various types. I have encouraged you to investigate the areas where you can stretch your money a bit by using coupons when you shop. The coupon links are listed in the side bar.

I have also encouraged you to investigate the area of sharing your OPINION on various topics through confidential and dependable survey sites. Sometimes they want your opinion on how you shop and what you like to buy. They sometimes want your opinion on a new product that a company is about to launch. (This can lead to the occasional product-test which is nice and fun.) Those of you who have families at home will find that you are given the opportunity to share your opinion on more topics and more frequently than I am given.

Why not take advantage of it? You can do "your opinion sharing" while you are relaxing with that cup of coffee or tea, coke, or whatever you like. But do take advantage of the opportunity. Simply click on the links I have provided and have fun. You can have a "voice" in what is in the market place or simply what is going on on the economic and political scene. And while you are doing it, you can pick up a few dollars here and there. And who knows? You might get that product to test and keep.

Survey sites: SurveySavvy, MySurvey, OpinionOutpost, Buzzback,
Product testing: InHomeProductTesting, VocalPoint

Friday, April 9, 2010

Heirloom Heritage Blooms

Pictured is a lovely azalea that is the result of a "sprout" that came up from the roots of a large azalea bush in my parent's yard in Wilmington, NC. The home is no longer in the family and my parents are both deceased. However, a little history on the azalea. My parents were determined to have a beautiful azalea garden. (The Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC is famous and long-standing as a celebration of the beautiful area azaleas and gardens.) Mom and Dad collected cuttings from specialty plants that area gardeners shared with them. They had a wide assortment and a show-case garden.

When we closed the home and sold it, I was determined to have a bit of their garden for my home. So I found two tiny sprouts and brought them to my own home. What you see is one of them in bloom. Isn't it lovely.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Heirloom - treasure

The lovely jonquils (or whatever you want to name them) that are pictured at the top of Chat With Vera are a family treasure. These were taken from my husband's home-place nearly 50 years ago. His dear mother wanted to share them with us and dug a cluster up for us to plant at our home. I moved them to our present home five years ago. They are lovely and bring back so many memories of a lovely lady.

How about sharing with me (comment, please below) your memories of home and flowers? I'd love to hear from you and will post your comments unless you designate otherwise.