Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The care and keeping of the face

We are given one face that we present to the world every day!  From our first cry at birth to our last breath at death, we have one face.  That face will change as we map our lives day by day.  It is how we experience life and how we react to life that helps determine the road map of our face that shows the journey we took.  Here are some thoughts on saving your face or “the care and keeping of the face.”

Emotions play a major role in shaping us inside and out.  So how we handle the events of life emotionally will be recorded on our faces if we let them.  So de-stress.  Be calm.  Accept what you can change and change it.  Accept that there are some things you can not change and learn to deal with them with as little emotional stress as you can.

The outdoor elements play a role in hardening our skin (it is our protective coating, after all), toughening it up, etc.  So we best protect it against the elements.  That means the sun, the wind, and the cold.  For the sun you use a very good, protective sun screen.  Not only does this help prevent sunburn and that leather-look skin, but it also protects you from the disfiguring that skin cancer causes.  The wind is hard on skin.  Have you ever been wind-burnt?  So slather on a protective layer of cream and try to shield your face from the harshness of wind as much as possible.  Next is the cold.  Surely you’ve seen how folks that live in the harshness of extreme cold wrap up themselves, including their face, against the cold!  The truth is that cold hurts!  Cold freezes and damages skin.  So even if you don’t live where the cold is in the minus zero levels, you still need to heed the cold and protect against it.

What you can do that will make you feel all “girly, girly” and will protect and beautify your face is to make certain that you use something to moisturize it on a regular basis.  Try to apply a cream or lotion to your face in the morning and in the evening.  Always apply the moistening application to a clean face.  The idea is lubrication and protection.  If all you can afford is a very inexpensive product, use it!  If you have deeper pockets, use the product that seems to work best for you.

The key is to “cream your face”!  Protect it.  Present it when you face forward to meet each day as lovely as when you were born.  But if life sends you a few trails on the road map of your face, be thankful for the journey and consider yourself a person of wealth because you have experienced the journey.  The cream will soften the roughness a bit.

Now I can suggest some very good  brands and I am positive that there are many others.  I have not been approached to list them nor am I being paid anything to suggest them. These are simply my own thoughts:  Yves Rocher,  Lancome, & Estee Lauder (you may find them in department stores.)