Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Crafting? Low budget? Pinterest failure? Let's get crafty, somehow!

Today there is a lot of activity on Pinterest with folks sharing a whole lot of ideas for innovative ways to fix food, decorate their homes, decorate their office space, do stuff with paper, do stuff with throw-away-items, success stories, failures. And then there are those who have tried some of these really pretty, nice, neat, unusual items themselves and completely FAILED!


Pinterest dreams sometimes come true and sometimes they prove to be nightmares.

And then there are those of you who don't have the time to be interestingly crafty, innovative, and Pinterest design users. No. You've got a housefull of kiddies at home. You've got to manage that house and the needs of those kiddies on a low budget.

But that artsy side of you cries out for fulfillment! How?

I have some that worked for me through the years....

First of all, we all like a lovely kitchen. What I did was found some really nice cotton material and made curtains to brighten up the kitchen. Then I had enough material left to make matching covers for our toaster, electric mixer, and blender. This might not appeal to many, but I always enjoyed looking at those curtains and little covers. They brightened my kitchen, my day, and gave me an opportunity to be creative on a budget. These items required very basic sewing skills. Beginners can do it!

Next, there is always food to prepare. I enjoyed setting the table correctly even though using paper napkins for the lowly lunch or dinner meal. I also enjoyed making certain that dishes were correctly placed on the table. If there is a design on a plate that has a logical up or down to it, you place it accordingly and make sure each plate is placed identically. A lovely table is another opportunity to be creative. And the kids can do it, too.

Then there is the never ending need for clothes for the family. Sewing was a major factor in making this need met in our home and sometimes it took a bit of creativity to make something that I felt the kids wouldn't be ashamed of wearing amongst their friends. Selection of cloth and trims as well as the pattern was always a challenge to my creativity. This was especially true when special occasions arose. You can do it. Today, there are Pinterest pictures and ideas that can spur your own basic creativity.

Let's get crafty? Of course you can, even with limited funds and limited time. Set your creative and crafty self a goal to accomplish at least one project in the next few weeks and see if it doesn't make your inner arts and craft personna simply glow.

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  1. I love Pinterest. I find all my new recipes there. I sometimes try the crafts too.


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