Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Searching the shelves of stores or the internet for skin care products can be a daunting, perplexing experience. You almost never know what the spend your hard-earned money on and fear it will be the wrong product for you.

If you're searching for natural products, you don't know if they are well-done, safe, pure, or will do the job you want - cleanse, protect, and help you avoid those awful signs of aging. So is it give and take, search and seek, hit and miss? Yep! A bit of all of that. However, there is hope.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Story of Bodri by Hédi Fried & illustrated by Stina Wirsén [Review & Giveaway]

 My thoughts: The inclusion of the horrors of WWII in the world of children's picture books is a daunting task to effectively bring to remembrance the terrible conditions of that period of history in our World and yet not traumatize the young reader. In The Story of Bodri the author in terse text and the illustrator's bold black ink and watercolor art has especially revealed the upheaval, heartbreak, dire circumstances of the times. 

Bridge of Gold (Doors to the Past #3) by Kimberley Woodhouse (from Barbour Publishing)

My thoughts: 
Set in the present day, the story involves a crew of underwater divers who are assigned the task of repairing the Gold Gate Bridge and an archeologist who is assigned the responsibility of retrieval of a sunken ship's treasures and archeological items. 

As the divers work together in the turbulent waters of the California bay emptying into the Pacific Ocean, their safety concerns as undersea divers becomes more treacherous as a dual mystery unfolds regarding their findings on the sunken ship.