Monday, May 3, 2010

Going "green"

I have written a bit about living frugally here on the blog. Many frugal life styles are actually good for the environment. So you help your pocket book as well as the environment.

Most of the years while I raised my family, I did not have a dryer so the clothes were hung out to dry in the sun or in the snow or in the house when it rained. With a large family, you were washing and "drying" all the time. However, when we were finally able to get a dryer, I found that MY ENVIRONMENT had changed in that I NO LONGER HAD A COLD/CROUP all winter long.

Something helped and we really think it was the dryer.

Anyway, I do use my own shopping bags most of the time. I dump the coffee grounds in the yard. I do not really compost. I buy green cleaning products when they are affordable. I share my magazines with others. I recycle my printer cartridges and earn $3 for each. We recycle all that our recycle service will pick up (and we pay to have it picked up). We save and reuse containers. I save bread bags and roll them. They store better when rolled and they are convenient to use. Saves a bit on buying plastic wrap or plastic bags.

I do indulge in buying plastic baggies - aren't the zipper bags great! I do worry about the plastic and other debris in the oceans of the world. I love a clean earth and the beauty of it. But I do not believe that man has caused global warming. I do believe that man should not "strip" the earth of its forests (be sensible here, folks), nor do I believe that man should strip-mine the mountains.

I love a warm house and don't know what the best source of being able to maintain that warm house really is. I am delighted to live in a nice house and not a cave or a Soddy. We've come a long way here in the civilized world, we just need to know how to keep it nice without trashing it.

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