Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lighting the outside darkness: Internova Yeti 800 Monster LED Camping and Emergency Lantern - Massive Brightness with Tri-Strip Light Available

Before even opening the package, I was intrigued.  “Yeti” was emblazoned on the side of the box. Many things have been associated with the mythical beast, who are primarily known for their toughness and legendary status.  This lamp is no exception.
 As the name suggests this “Monster” lantern puts out an enormous amount of light.  To this date, I have not experienced its equal in area illumination.  The ability to light up a campsite or fishing spot makes it the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast, especially ones who will be spending long nights away from civilization.

Although made from plastic, the lamp seems sturdy enough, especially with the rubber seals and bumpers for maximum toughness and water resistance.  I greatly anticipate further use of this lamp in the field.

Find it on Amazon - click here - about the product:

✔ #1 Massive Camping & Emergency Lantern by Internova
✔ 2016 Best Extreme Outdoor Gear Gift
✔ 800 Maximum Lumens Output blows away the competition
✔ Monster size with massive brightness lights up a room!
✔ Over FIVE full hours of non-stop Tri-Strip LED light Providing Maximum Coverage!
✔ Retractable Base Hook For Alternate Hanging
✔ DISCLAIMER: The Yeti 800 has not actually been used by a Yeti. Or Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch. They were unavailable during product testing.

DISCLOSURE: I received a highly discounted product to facilitate this review. Opinions are those of the reviewer. I was not compensated.


  1. Wow! That looks super bright! Real nice!

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  3. This tent light is really great, but I have not tried to stay overnight in the wild.


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