Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hometown Tourist - Living & vacationing in North Carolina

Some folks call them "staycations" and the term means "You stay at home. You don't go on a trip. But you have a "vacation." Does that seem dreary and boresome to you? It would to some folks, but it can be made fun.

I've lived in several areas of North Carolina during my life so we're going to take a brief look at what you could do if you lived in these areas of North Carolina.

First - Wilmington - 

This is a historical city of the Old South. Actually the history goes back to pre-Revolutionary War era. Wilmington is nestled at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and on the Atlantic Coast. Beaches in the area include: Wrightsville, Carolina, Kure. The Civil War Fort Fisher can be visited and you can see the famous earthen works. There is also a wonderful aquarium there. You can also go aboard the USS North Carolina which is a World War II destroyer.

The "Riverwalk" along the banks of the Cape Fear abbuts to historic buildings that now hold wonderful restaurants, shops, and things of a unique nature. Truly a wonderful place to stroll.

USS North Carolina
You can see restored historical homes, swim in the Atlantic, take a boat ride along the Cape Fear and generally just have a wonderful time.

Then we travel inland to the middle of the state to the Triangle area - includes: Chapel Hill (where I lived), Raleigh, and Durham

There are 3 major universities in these three cities: The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University-Raleigh, and Duke University-Durham. These are beautiful campuses with much to visit and see. There are museums and historic homes to visit. And if you live in the area, there are parks, swimming pools, and events that you can "staycation" at.

So you see, you can stay at home in the comfort of your own home. Pack a picnic. Go swimming. Go for stroll through the park. And do all sorts of things. You see, "I like calling North Carolina home!"

NOTE: Pictures borrowed from online websites promoting Wilmington and North Carolina.


  1. Such a pretty area. I have been to Charlotte for a Nascar race & would love to return & explore more of the state.

  2. I love learning the History of places.


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