Friday, October 18, 2019

The Double Helix (Explorer Academy Series #3) by Trudi Trueit [Book Spotlight & 3-Book Set Giveaway]

ISBN13: 9781426334580
Hardcover $16.99
Ages 8-12

National Geographic Kids Books is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of the third book in the groundbreaking Explorer Academy series published by their fiction imprint, Under the Stars. 

Global adventures, danger and mystery combined with fascinating real-world science, code breaking and technology makes The Double Helix a perfect pick for book lovers and reluctant readers alike.

About The Double Helix:
“A fully packed high-tech adventure that offers both cool, educational facts about the planet and a diverse cast of characters." – Kirkus Reviews 
“Sure to appeal to kids who love code cracking and mysteries with cutting-edge technology” - Booklist 
Named a “Noteworthy Novel Sequel” by Publisher’s Weekly
This fall, National Geographic dives deeper into the beloved Explorer Academy fiction series with a third action-packed book, Explorer Academy: The Double Helix. The journey continues with central character Cruz Coronado and his fellow explorers as they set sail on all-new exotic expeditions to Spain, Jordan and Turkey aboard the Academy flagship, Orion.

The stakes are even higher in this third journey as Cruz and his classmates continue their ongoing quest to find his mother's revolutionary "secret formula" … and now, his missing father. The clock begins to tick, and the action intensifies as his 13th birthday draws near … a milestone that will change his life forever.  Inspired by the pioneering work of real-life space archaeologist Sarah Parcak, Cruz and his classmates from the coolest school on the planet use high-tech images from satellites to locate the buried sites of ancient civilizations and to help combat the real problem of artifact looting.

“The Truth Behind the Fiction” section of the book explains how Parcak uses infrared light, UV light and microwaves to reveal pyramids, temples and even entire cities buried beneath layers of forest and soil. The fact-based fiction concept of Explorer Academy is one of the elements that sets this series apart from other middle-grade series, and allows kids to dig deeper into the fascinating, cutting-edge research, science and technology of real National Geographic Explorers.

For more adventures with Cruz and his fellow explorers, fans can head to to watch the Explorer Academy animated series “Brain Freeze,” play Explorer Academy-inspired games, and find the latest updates on The Double Helix. 

Series of 3 books: 
Nebula Secret, Falcon's Feather, & Double Helix
Begins October 19
Ends November 18 at 12:01 a.m. ET
Open to USA addresses only.
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  1. Secrets for keeping my kiddos reading is to 1) Read to them! Even as they get older 2) Find books with their interests in mind 3) Set an example by reading too!

  2. 1. Have many age appropriate books available to your children at all times.
    2. Read, read, read to your children every day, all through the day.
    3. Give them lots of safe materials and wide experiences to promote discovery and learning. Talk with them, ask and answer questions, explain and discover things together.

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  3. 1) read to them starting at a young age.
    2) visit the library so they can choose their own books to read
    3)have reading time where everybody reads (before bedtime was our time to read)

  4. 1. Read to them from the time they are very small
    2. Buy books you think they will like
    3. Designate a special reading time -- no electronics!
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  5. 1. Have a large variety age appropriate books available to your children at all times in all kinds of genres.
    2. Read to your children every day, even from the youngest age. Read often.
    3. Provide lots of opportunities to discover things and learn about the world. Tie into your reading often.

  6. I tried the postcard with the secret code. I think my grandchildren would enjoy this.
    I also checked into the "The Truth Behind" about the real life explorers.
    I also watched a couple of the videos.
    Nice site.

  7. 1. Be interactive with them and don't do all the reading for them. Challenge them to sound out moderately difficult words and ask them what they think they mean. 2. Try to choose books with educational content you'd thing they would be interested in. 3. Try to do this at least a couple times a week so they get into a routine of reading.

  8. They learn by example. If there are books @ home either purchased or checked out from the library and they see parents reading to themselves or their children that is how they learn to love reading. Rosanne


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