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Nat'l Geo keeps the kids thinking: "Brain Games: Mighty Book of Mind Benders" and "1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt" [Review & Giveaway]

Brain Games: Mighty Book of Mind Benders (ages 8-12, paperback) 

My thoughts:  I am truly amazed at this book. In today's world folks are encouraged to "do puzzles" - word puzzles of every ilk, mazes, etc. It is said to be a key to maintaining brain function and deter the effects that aging has on the brain. Those with early onset dementia of various types are encouraged to work word puzzles and there is certainly a plethora of such books and usually quite low priced. They are basically unappealing, unattractive, and frankly unworthy of being called an instrument to protect the use of one's brain.

National Geographic as with all their other publications has created a wonderful book of assorted puzzles. But what is so very impressive is the amount of background information that explains how the mind actually works when you are executing these varied puzzles.

The section on Senses takes the reader through a variety of visual encounters that are puzzling but simply what we once called perceptual illusions. The eyes and your mind function in mysterious ways.

Then the famous Word Search puzzles come into play as the author explains that language is a human trait and that it is also regional to where we are located in the world. Interesting, too, is that language is processed in the dominant part of your brain. If you're right handed, that means your language is processed in the left side of your brain.

I am amazed at the Memory Puzzles (or exercises) and found them somewhat difficult. (Hmmm... what is this telling me?) This book takes using your brain to a new level from basic crossword puzzles and basic word searches. I am going to have to work a bit to make sure my brain is working as well as possible.

I highly recommend for ages (maybe) 8 to adult. Adults...... you're going to be challenged and will learn a bit more about your brain that you need to protect as you age.

About the book: Summer is almost done, time turn the brain back ON! Chock-full of puzzles, optical illusions, cranial challenges, and information on the latest research in neuroscience, this awesome activity book helps kids flex their "thinking muscles” in a fun and engaging way.  Crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, tough logic puzzles, memory tests, wacky riddles, and exercises to try with a friend will bring out the genius within.   Write-in pages include puzzles and games, time trials test skills in each chapter and short explanations of the neuroscience at work are also included within the 160 page book.

1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt (ages 8-12, hardcover)   

My thoughts:  I personally have held a fascination for ancient Egypt since my high school days. Folks, that's a long time. I even wrote my senior research paper on Egypt. And since those long-ago days, so much has been discovered and studied about the Egyptian dynasties, their culture, and the advances they had made in so many fields.

Children and young folks today have such a richness of information that is attractively presented and accurately told in salient facts presented in small bits and pieces that they can more readily absorb.

In this new book, 1,000 Facts About Ancient Egypt new information about buried cities (under water and sand), about they ways they preserved their dead, their ways of dealing with crime, their rulers both male and female captured my attention. It is all very well organized and yet the facts are presented in small portions. This is not to "dumb down" the book but it is to facilitate the enormous amount of material this one volume contains about Egypt.

I highly recommend.

About the book: Kids everywhere are fascinated by the wonders of ancient Egypt, and this reference book is packed with not only 1,000 fascinating facts but hundreds of photos as well. From the Great Pyramid and the Valley of the Kings to the Nile River and the amazing female rulers of that time (not just Cleopatra!), kids can dive deep into Egyptoplogy and learn about ancient hieroglyphs and their meanings, find out what was in King Tut's tomb, discover sacred facts about their religion and rituals, get insights about the science of mummification and even touch upon the unexpected — like Ancient Egypt’s impact on pop culture, how cosmetics were used and 25 facts about their system of crime and punishment!
Both Books - 1 Winner
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  1. "(1) What do you do for yourself or your child to tantalize your brain with activities such as puzzles and activity books?" I often do crosswords!

    "(2) What fascinates you about Ancient Egypt?" I've always loved Ancient Egypt! The art is so beautiful!

  2. 1) I enjoy doing word searches and crossword puzzles.
    2) I'm fascinated how they made those huge statues like the Great Sphinx.

  3. 1. I always provide free access to age appropriate books and activity books for the whole family to use and enjoy.

    2. I think the day to day Ancient Eqypt living activities are interesting.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. My daughter and I like to do Girl Scouts projects together. It helps STEM and creativity. What fascinates me about Ancient Egypt is that during Middle Kingdom women had more rights than any other time in history. They could adopt, hold property and even testify in court. Amazing stuff.

  5. My grandson and I have long conversations about some of his imaginary characters.

  6. I love the historical importance of ancient Egypt.

  7. We like to do puzzle and read books.

  8. (1) What do you do for yourself or your child to tantalize your brain with activities such as puzzles and activity books? I provide my grandchildren with puzzle which they adore as well as board games that develop thinking and logic skills. They have subscriptions to various magazines that provide these activities as well.

    (2) What fascinates you about Ancient Egypt? I have always been fascinated with the culturral history and the scale of grandness the culture achieved so long ago.

  9. I play memory games with my granddaughters. I've always wanted to know how they built the pyramids without using machinery.


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