Sunday, December 2, 2018

Nature's Paradise Shya Monet Skin Care at Good Earth Beauty - Natural & Organic

Nature's Paradise Skin Care and specifically the SHYA MONET COLLECTION is a featured brand on the all natural, organic Good Earth Beauty products website.


My thoughts: This Shya Monet foaming cleanser  is quite mild in feel and fragrance. It leaves skin squeaky clean and soft feeling. It has coveted Argon Oil as an ingredient but has NO OILY feel to it.

From time to time I have an "allergy attack" that really wreaks havoc on the sensitivity of my eyes and the area of my upper face. Just weepy eyes, much itching, etc. You know the drill. You're miserable. Hot or very warm wet washcloths held to the area help. But so does cleansing my face. But the cleansing agent can't be harsh or cause further irritation.

Reading the label is an encouragement
because you can see it is natural and organic!

The past few days have been those miserable, itchy eye, allergy days. I found that a nice wash with this Shya Monet Foaming Cleanser is quite soothing. A cure? No. A relief? Yes

So in addition to cleaning my face and removing environmental "skin-clutter" and makeup, the foaming cleanser actually helps my face to feel better.

Directions instruct the user to shake bottle prior to using, pump once (gives a liberal amount with one pump), and apply to wet face with rotating motions for 30 seconds. Do this twice daily.

It is such a relief to see natural, organic ingredients listed for this product. It gives me an assurance that I'm doing the best I can for my skin. As a lady-of-a-certain-age, I need to make each moment count and each product used a quality, safe, effective product. The Shya Monet line of products is for any age. Start young and take care of your skin for beautiful skin when you are older. Getting a late start on caring for your skin? Never mind, use that which will benefit you, apply generously and regularly, park a smile on your face and be beautiful!


Product information (from Good Earth Beauty vendor)  

Foaming Cleanser is enriched with Organic Coconut Oil soap which cleans deep within the pores eliminating bacteria and build up. Yet, is a non irritating formula free of chemicals making it gentle to the skin which is important to limit future breakouts. In keeping acne and blemishes away, you must be gentle to the skin. Irritating the skin will cause more breakouts.  7 ounce bottle. Made by Natures Paradise Organics -  Price: $29.00

A light foamy cleanser and one "pump" is definitely enough to do the job!

This and other Nature's Paradise Skin Care products may be found on Good Earth Beauty's shopping site. Feel free to cruise the site and find something you can love. Also, feel free to use the HOLIDAY10 discount code for a 1% discount on this line of products and any other items on the Good Earth Beauty website. Natures Paradise Organics on

Buy it and try it for yourself. See if you don't think this is a #natural #organic product just right for you. Use the Discount Code HOLIDAY10 UNTIL 12/31/18 and save yourself 10% and it SHIPS FREE IN USA.

DISCLAIMER: I received complimentary products to examine and evaluate to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine alone and are freely given.


  1. I like that Shya Monet does not feel oily and soothes itchy eyes.

  2. I'd like the Coconut Oil soap because it cleans deep within the pores Rosanne

  3. I wish I had at least ONE Shya Monet product because I love quality antiaging skin care.

  4. Love that this is a USA product. I like that it's a foaming cleanser.

  5. I like that it deep cleans, is natural and non irritating. I really need a good foaming face wash!


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