Thursday, December 6, 2018

Nature's Paradise Natural Organic Baby Products brought to you by Good Earth Beauty online natural beauty shop [10% discount code]

Your baby is tiny, near perfect with beauty and tenderness on a grand scale. Now protect their skin with natural organic products from Nature's Paradise

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My thoughts:  I know when my babies were tiny we used the best soap that we could find in the stores that was gentle . That was a long time ago. There are many products on the market today. This Nature's Paradise organic baby shampoo and body wash with coconut is fascinating and just chock full of simple organic ingredients derived from nature itself. I am quite impressed with this.

Product Information: 

Baby Organic 2 in 1 Foam Shampoo & Body  Wash is enriched with Natures most gentle Certified Organic  Coconut Oil that moisturizes and cleans baby's skin the natural way.   Protecting baby's skin from common skin irritations while leaving the skin and scalp rich with nutrients. Great Lathering properties especially as a body wash. We believe that when it comes to ingredients less is more. Using good natural ingredients is the best way to nourish and clean your little one.

8 oz pump - Made by Natures Paradise Organics - Ingredients: 
Organic chamomile Tea, Organic Coconut oil Soap, Organic Coconut Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother Price: $14.99 Buy it at (don't forget the HOLIDAY10 discount code for 10% and FREE SHIPPING.)


My thoughts:  Many folks use baby oil regularly on their wee ones. Mine couldn't tolerate the baby oil that was then available. Again, that was a long time ago. Using a baby oil that is plant based and made from organically derived oils can certainly be good for the skin. So if your baby needs oil for his or her skin, this product seems to be exceptional!

Product information:
Baby Organic Baby Oil is made with skin regenerating Sunflower Oil which is rich in vitamins A,B, D & E which heals and protects the skin from irritation and allowing the skin to be nourished with vitamins in their purest state found organically in our oil. Safflower oil keeps skin hydrated giving relief from dry flaky skin and also has protection properties from environmental exposures. Great for dry skin, eczema and cradle cap when directly applied or added to the bath water.

4 oz - Made by Natures Paradise - Ingredients: Organic Sunflower oil Organic Coconut Extract, Organic Safflower oil, Price: $12.99 Buy it at  (Don't forget the HOLIDAY10 discount code for 10% and FREE SHIPPING.)

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided these two products by to facilitate this review and product information post. Opinions expressed are mine alone and are freely given. While I have no baby in my household, I will share these products with a family member.

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