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Bring God to the core of your child's thinking: GOD COUNTS and GOD MADE ME AND YOU from New Growth Press

GOD COUNTS by Irene Sun

ISBN: 9781945270796
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My thoughts: This is NOT your typical counting book for the little ones. This book presents deep, theological ideas wrapped up in the beauty of numbers. It doesn't entail mathematics, yet states that the Maker of the Universe, God, created numbers and that they declare His glory. Yes, all of creation declares the glory of the Creator, God.

Information that is usually gleaned from sermons or Bible studies such as their being four rivers in the Garden of Eden, four wings on every butterfly, and four creatures before God's throne saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!" will enrich the parents reading aloud this interesting children's book.

"Six tells us God hates sin..... 'Here are six things that the Lord hates. unkind eyes, a lying tongue, hands that hurt, a wicked heart, disobedient feet, and lies that separate people.' Proverbs 6:16-19

The book is definitely for those who wish to give their children deeper ideas to think about. It goes far beyond the typical kiddie counting book. While it is a "picture book" the text, scope of thoughts, and theology don't fit a picture book pattern.

I can highly recommend the book. That recommendation is, however given with the caveat that the book is not to be skimmed over, quickly read and tossed in the book heap. It is to be delved into thoroughly and with each reading pursue further discussions about the implications of these ideas.

Product Description

In this engaging, illustrated children's book by Irene Sun, young readers learn how numbers declare the glory of God, discovering Bible stories and the truth, beauty, and goodness of our sovereign God through numbers and patterns. With countable illustrations and an easy-to-learn structure, children who are always seeking, finding, tracing, and counting numbers will be captivated by God Counts.

Through simple language kids will understand, God Counts shares theological truths and helps children become familiar with Scripture, exploring the patterns of creation, numbers in the plan of redemption, and the intimacy of a personal relationship with God. This children's book explores how God counts every fish in the sea, every star in the sky, every hair on their heads, and every tear in their eyes.

By discovering numbers in God's world and in his Word, parents help their children foster a deeper love and knowledge of who God is and how he counts them as his. Families will be enriched as they learn together how numbers magnify God - just as a telescope magnifies the stars - and each numbered lesson points to a larger redemptive story of Scripture. On each page, the illustrations engage readers, displaying not only a picture but a mosaic of patterns.

This playful children's book serves as a beginner's theology book for young readers who love numbers and patterns, introducing the Trinity, the God of order, the holiness of God, the problem of sin, the rescue and love of Jesus, and much more. Children who love to count will be filled with wonder, leading them to understand deeper truths about God, themselves, and the world around them.


ISBN: 9781948130134
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My thoughts:  First of all, the concept of this book is much needed and children - and adults - need to acknowledge that God is the Creator of each and everyone. And He designed just how each of us is made. And that we are all equal in His eyes.

In God Made Me and You the setting is obviously a Christian school classroom. That, therefore, limits readers to a smaller demographic. Homeschooling and public school families won't be able to internalize the concept of such a classroom, the Biblical quotes and lesson for the day. Secular books abound with the subject of diversity education and that is a good thing. It is also a good thing for children from Christian families to understand diversity acceptance and to understand it from a Biblical point of view.

All that being said, the book nicely addresses children learning to accept people of diverse complexities - dark skin, yellow skin, white skin, and disabilities in body, vision, hearing.

The book is lengthy and includes the origin of sin in the Garden of Eden. The story further relates that the behavior of hatred of others based on race or ethnicity as sin. The story continues with the solution of the sin as being provided when God sent Jesus to die for the sins of mankind.

This is heavy information for the young listener and the extent of material covered broad. Although a picture book, it is probably best as a read-aloud. All the concepts are good and Biblical.

I can recommend the book but that recommendation is based on parent use with the child or children.

Product Description

This beautifully illustrated children's book invites kids to explore God's design for ethnic diversity and challenges readers---both parents and children---to learn and live out counter-cultural, biblical views, fostering a lifelong celebration of diversity for the glory of God. Designed for four- to eleven-year-olds, God Made Me and You by Shai Linne is the second book in the God Made Me series, starting with God Made All of Me by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb.
Because Scripture teaches that ethnic diversity is not something that should be tolerated but rather enthusiastically embraced, Christian hip hop artist Shai Linne helps children, parents, and caregivers to celebrate this biblical truth through a lyrical, rhyming style and colorful illustrations.

God Made Me and You is an approachable guide for families to begin conversations about cultivating a God's perspective on ethnic diversity, confronting the sins of racism, bigotry, and ethnic pride.

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies to facilitate a review from New Growth Press. Opinions are my own and are freely given.

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