Friday, September 9, 2016

Want to "Lose the Junk!" ???

Let's face it. We are all guilty of keeping stuff. We get too much stuff. We keep too much stuff. It is almost as bad as a two-year old's tantrum (at least inside our inner most being) to throw away Aunt Susie's trinket. Or that football you played with when you were in school.

The items might not be hidden in plain sight for all to see. But they are there, somewhere.

Face it. It's junk.

Having lived many years and accumulating my stuff, my husband's stuff, my kid's stuff, my deceased family member's stuff, I can tell you that a lot of stuff, a lot of junk is around.

The best "clearing out" I ever did was when we moved from our home of 40-plus years. We threw away so much. We carted it to Goodwill, and we dumped. Well, we really didn't get rid of enough, because clearly it was a bit hard - and time consuming. But we did not take it all with us to the new house.

Now it is time for me to face another clearing out. I am now retired and don't need some of the clothes and things I needed as a member of the gainfully employed society. So it is time to tackle a closet and a drawer or so.

And as a retiree I can take my time. Who knows what I'll find to share with someone or that will bring back a treasured memory.


  1. Good idea, Vera! Share the old stuff with Goodwill, who can help others with it!

  2. Just this weekend I did the same thing. I went through all of my work clothes, jewelry, shoes and casual wear and gave it to a Women's shelter store where all the proceeds goes to women who have to flee their home with their children. I loved getting it all out of my house, and helping people who desperately needed it.


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