Thursday, September 8, 2016

God Made the Sun & God Made the Moon by Mary Manz Simon & illustrated by Lizzie Walkley [Review & Giveaway]


ISBN: 978-0824919801
Board Book - Ages 2-5
My thoughts: This sweet little book is simply charming. The lyrical verses take the young child through the day's activities from rising to setting of Sun.

The child is joy-filled in the illustrations and this carries over into the verses that tell his little story. First the Sun is said to "smile on Earth." I think this is a great idea to present to a young child. The child splashes in the puddles left by an overnight rain because he realizes the Sun will soon dry them up. His shadow is caused by the sun and the sun plays hide and seek behind the clouds.

A simple introduction to the Sun's purpose and how God designed it to be a blessing to us.

Then, when the sun starts sliding down and carries off the light,
I'm sure that God, who made the sun, will stay with me tonight.

About the book: God Made the Sun: God Made the Sun is a celebration of God’s gift of daytime to the world. Beginning with the first rays of sunlight and moving through the day, this book reminds little ones that God’s love shines on us just as the sun shines on the earth. With its lyrical rhythm, sweet illustrations, and novelty diecut feature, the book will serve as a welcome reminder of God’s presence in our lives.


ISBN: 978-0824919818
Board book Ages 2-5
My thoughts: After the Sun sets for the day the Moon rises bringing with it the comfort that God is watching over him with the light of the Moon that God set in the sky.

God made the moon to smile on Earth and fill the dark with light.
The moon reminds us of the love God sends to us each night.

The joys of the night are brought out as the child enjoys the stars, light bugs, and chirping crickets. Bath time and preparation for bed starts and "The shining moon reminds me that God watches from above."

This is a charming book and goes wonderfully with God Made the Sun.

About the book: God Made the Moon: God Made the Moon is a celebration of God’s gift of nighttime to the world. Beginning with the first hints of dusk and ending with a bedtime prayer, this book reminds little ones that God’s love shines on us just as the moon shines on the earth. With its lyrical rhythm, sweet illustrations, and novelty diecut feature, the book will be a welcome addition to any child’s bedtime rituals.

I highly recommend parents (aunties, uncles, and grandparents) to get this set for the wee little ones in your family. They are treasures.

2 books for 1 winner: God Made the Sun & God Made the Moon
Begins September 8
ENDS September 26
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Disclosure: I was provided copies by Worthy Publications First Look Blogger Review Program to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own. I was not compensated. Winner's prize will be shipped directly to the winner by the publisher.


  1. We have a hammock in the back yard. We lie there and talk about all we see.

  2. I think the rhyme would work better for the children. They like to say words that sound alike.

  3. She is a Mother, Grandmother and has earned on her PHD. I find it interesting that her son thinks she is "a world changer."

  4. Rhyme. There's just something about speaking or reading in rhyme that really catches little kids' attention. Maybe because most people don't ordinarily speak that way!

  5. I think I would show them what is beautiful about them; what we wouldn't have if we didn't have them. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was go to my local science museum's planetarium. I also still love to look at the night sky.

  6. I learned that she's sold over 3 million books in English. I found it interesting that she has experience in three different fields: early childhood education, corporate consulting, and children's market analysis.

  7. We like to use binoculars to gaze at the moon and stars at night, and we talk about what the sun and moon make possible here on Earth.

  8. I find reading in rhyme is more entertaining for children and make the information read more likely to be retained.

  9. 1. I learned that Dr. Mary Manz Simon has a blog on pop-culture parenting.
    2. Her book, Faith Footprints With My Grandchild, sounds intriguing!

  10. These look so adorable. I think my boys would love them! Thanks for sharing this post at Booknificent Thursday on this week! Always a pleasure to have you.

  11. We always talk about how important the earth is and of course the beauty and benefits of the sun and moon.

  12. My child actually thrives on both types of writing, but prefers rhyming.

  13. We like to go outside and observe both the sun and moon and tell our kids how important they both are in God's creation. Sometimes my husband gets a bit more scientific.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. I would probably pick a prose book for reading to those above toddler age but toddlers really enjoy the rhyming books.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com


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