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Undaunted Hope (Beacons of Hope #3) by Jody Hedlund [Review & Giveaway]

My thoughts: As I have read each of the books in Jody Hedlund's "Beacons of Hope Series" I have been amazed at the lives of the characters who lived during the mid to late 1800s and who manned the light houses in and around the Michigan and Great Lakes area. Living in North Carolina as I do, I know some of the history and necessity of light houses for the safe sailing of ships throughout history. Hidden shoals or rocky shores are treacherous and make such areas burial sites for many a ship and sailor.

But I am amazed, too, at how these persons managed to grapple with life as presented to them during these bygone days. It was hard. It was unjust. It was unrelenting. And Jody Hedlund brings it all to bear as she writes her well constructed characters into the events fleshed out so well historically.

To travel alone in 1870 to secure a teaching position was perilous enough. But to arrive and you're a woman but they they were expecting a man really places the lady at risk. Endeavoring to brave it and forge ahead, Tessa Taylor succeeds in beginning her work as the sole teacher in this forlorn and forsaken place.  She soon sees the need for opportunities for the adults to also receive an education and makes plans to make this happen for them. She also tutors and helps those who have need of more than usual instruction. But especially does she learn to love a young crippled girl and her strong uncle.

As the story unfolds a villain is exposed and the people seem helpless against this person. But hope sustains and in the end hope prevails.

About the book: Tessa Taylor arrives in 1870s Upper Peninsula, Michigan, planning to serve as a new teacher to the town. Much to her dismay, however, she immediately learns that there was a mistake, that the town had requested a male teacher. Percival Updegraff, superintendent and chief mine clerk, says she can stay through winter since they won't be able to locate a new teacher before then, and Tessa can't help but say she is in his debt. Little does she know that Percival will indeed keep track of all that she owes him.

Determined to become indispensable, Tessa throws herself into teaching, and soon the children of the widowed lighthouse keeper have decided she's the right match for their grieving father. Their uncle and assistant light keeper, Alex Bjorklund, has his own feelings for Tessa. As the two brothers begin competing for her hand, Tessa increasingly feels that someone is tracking her every move, and she may not be able to escape the trap that has been laid for her.

See Jody Hedlund's answers to questions about writing this book. Some entry questions refer to these questions. - Click this link.

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  1. Yes, I enjoy historical fiction, especially the pioneering period in the mid 1800's.

  2. I learned that there was a mining boom in the Lakes area and that the book involves light houses, which I love!

  3. I love historical novels and i like all eras They are so intresting and educational as well

  4. I learned that the author has lived in Michigan for 16 years and that her children were born there I also learned that the author is conveying to us to confront our fears and put our trust in god I love this message

  5. Sounds like a great novel. I will add the link to my giveaway roundup. Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup.

  6. Sounds like a great novel. I will add the link to my giveaway roundup. Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup.

  7. I do like them and I like the civil war time period.

  8. I learned that Jody Hedlund's novels set in the lake area of North America. I learned that there are lighthouses dotted all over the coast of Lake Superior. I learned that the Keweenaw Peninsula is known as "Copper County" because it has a rich vein of copper running down the center of the peninsula

  9. I just read about this book the other day and it looks so good! I'm so glad you shared this at Booknificent Thursday on this week!

  10. I love to read historical fiction. One of my favorite periods is the time just prior to and during the War Between the States. I really like to read novels set during this period that rely on fact and don't try to rewrite history or push a certain point of view politically.


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