Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting through the winter blasts tips and reminders

Blast of frigid, snowy, icy weather hitting the Eastern US - North and South - calls for a concerted effort by all to get through. First of all, the Energy (think electric power) folks gear up well in advance to prepare to handle outages so when it turns nasty, cold, and the lights go off they are ready and able to get out there and get the job of restoring power for each and every one in each and every area.

Then there are the wonderful first responders and healers. They ARE OUT THERE - STILL - getting the job done. They get to the hospitals to care for the sick. The ambulances roll. The firetrucks roll. The police and safety personnel roll. The job gets done. You are their priority.

But what can YOU do?

  • Conserve the heat you have in your house by opening doors as little as possible.
  • Plug those spots in your house that allow the cold to creep in.
  • Let the sunshine in on the sunny side - open blinds, shades, and curtains.
  • Keep the blinds, shades, and curtains closed on the shady side.
  • COOKING: Don't go on a marathon cooking spree. However, DO COOK foods that generate moist heat. Stews and soups will warm your house as well as your tummy.
  • Conserve energy by using low-energy cooking sources: microwaves and slow cookers. (This doesn't necessarily negate the "cooking" tip above.)
  • Conserve energy by using only those lights and electronics necessary. Severe cold draws enormously on the power resources. Conserve! click to Tweet
  • Keep your heat set as low as is safe for you. Remember the very young and the elderly need more heat. 
  • Wear an extra layer (sweater, jacket) and warm socks while inside so you can set your heat lower.

Stay safe. 

Enjoy the beauty of a wintry day. 

Help each other. 

Remember to thank an energy worker or first responder or medical professional.

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