Monday, October 10, 2022

If Mama Ain’t Happy: Why minding healthy boundaries is good for your whole family by Rachel Norman [Giveaway]

If Mama Ain’t Happy: Why minding healthy boundaries is good for your whole family

My thoughts: 
Personally, I'm way past the "mama to a slew of kiddies" stage of life, but this book resonates deep within my being. It is a hard life being mama when the chores, daily schedules, lack of empathy, constant demands on one's being, and a constant general malaise seem to be your existence. But how to change it? How to still be mama and meet the demands on your core being. 

The author's approach seems, to this grandmother, to a nice and workable way to reach a point where you can do and still be healthy.

I didn't read the entire book but listened to excerpts and I like what I heard. I think she's really onto something. The old saying "If mama ain't happy....." was a harpy way of saying keep the  mama of the roost happy or ELSE you'll regret it. That IS NOT what this author is touting. 

About the book: 
Rachel used to be a mom who spent her days weary, anxious, and guilt laden. She had five kids in five years, lived on three different continents, and then was blindsided by a devastating health diagnosis. Neglecting her own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs for so long—in an effort to be a selfless mother—had left her utterly depleted. And physically unwell. Then she began asking a question she’d never considered before: Could it be that taking good care of myself is not actually selfish, but maybe, just maybe, something a responsible adult does? 

In this countercultural book, Rachel takes some weight off your shoulders by:

Offering hands-on, rubber-meets-the-road strategies to cultivate a life you aren’t trying to constantly escape

Teaching you to discover and claim your own limits and boundaries so you can be a calm, resilient, peaceful mother

Showing you how to shape your daily life and values around the few things that really matter, and how to let the rest go

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. But when mama is at peace? Everyone benefits!



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