Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Age has no hold....

 Age. The cause of death. The cause of waning abilities. The cause of weary weakness. 

Age. The entranceway of disease, infection, susceptibility. 

Age. The hammer of time.

The body is simply a case that holds the soul. The soul is that part of us that engages mentally and spiritually with the human and the divine.

When that case becomes weakened through the ravages of time and the wear and tear of daily abrasions, it begins to crumble. It begins to crack. In those microscopic wear points, the enemy creeps in.

The enemy of the body comes in the form of mental decline. One's lungs cease to gather in the essential air and expell the nonessential gases. One's heart dances to the tune of a weary drummer that misses the beat or gets caught up in a run, trip, fall dance. The blood courses through the body in a river of time that is increasingly thick with the silt of life.

Microscopic beings invade. They ravage. They war. And the armour of youth is so worn that age fails to bar the portals that allow the foe entrance.

The battle is fought sometimes quickly and sometimes it creeps along wearying bystanders who see in the raging war their future.

Age. Takes a final toll. A final thrust. And man is released from that case that held him and that living, breathing, soul soars victorious.

Age and death have no hold over the soul.

--Vera Godley© 3/1/2022


  1. I have read this many times and yes it tell the truth story of us

    1. Thank you, jjmon2012 for your comment. As we watch the unfolding of Queen Elizabeth II's remembrance and upcoming funeral, her long lived life and strong faith are an encouragement to each of us as we, too, age.


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