Monday, February 28, 2022

PANA Soothe 1000 CBD & Arnica Salve - USA MADE PRODUCT [Review & Giveaway]

I am trying a product new to  me. It contains CBD hemp oil and Arnica and lots of essential oils and moisturizers. It's purpose is pain relief. As a member of the senior population, I have a variety of aches and pains and I don't really want to use those super strong opiates to get relief.

My hand has an ongoing on-again, off-again joint/tendon pain at the base of the thumb. Touching it, pressing it, moving it causes discomfort. Sometime to the "pain level" that I avoid using it. I was surprised that the PANA Soothe 1000 CBD Salve provided relief. 

I also have back and leg pain emanating from nerves down the leg. I generously massaged the Pana CBD Salve onto my low back, leg, and even foot. The salve didn't help that time. I think the root of this pain is too deep and complex for a topical application.

Today, I was developing a migraine. I take a special migraine prescription but it wasn't giving the relief I needed and I feared the migraine would go full-blown.  I decided to experiment a bit. I massaged some of the PANA CBD Salve onto my temples and neck pulses. Within a few minutes I felt the pressure and ache in my head was getting less. Now 30 minutes later I have no feeling of a migraine. I am delighted.

Is this a "cure-all"? Absolutely not. But I do believe it has appropriate uses and as a topical is better for one's overall health to use it instead of ingesting pills for pain and discomfort relief.

Check out their website & purchase - click here

Product information: Panacea’s Soothe salve is made from our unique blend of all-natural moisturizers, essential oils and Colorado grown CBD hemp oil formulated for long lasting relief. All-natural moisturizers and essentials oils to bring you soothing, targeted relief of life’s aches and pains. Apply locally to the target area and the high-quality salve will be noticeably effective, yet gentle on the skin. Soothe comes in two strengths; a 1 oz. jar containing 250mg or 1000mg of CBD. You’re going to want to get a subscription of this stuff so you never run out!

1 Jar PANA Soothe 1000 CBD Salve
Begins February 28
Ends March 28 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are provided only after using the product several times. Winner's prize is provided and shipped directly to the winner by Panacea Life Sciences. Chat With Vera is not responsible for lost or misdirected prizes.


  1. 1) What do you prefer for pain relief? Hate to admit I take celebrix and it works but not totally. To many pains. I also get cortisone shots in my hand and knee. But I have to wait 3 months between shots. And the hand does not like the wait. I use rubs/creams/patches and heat for pain relieve.

    (2) Have you ever used a CBD product to relieve pain? I have tried a couple but they did not do anything for pain relieve. So I am still looking for one that works

  2. Sport + Wellness CBG Bundle:
    CBD Wellness Bundle

  3. I use a prescribed pain pill and pain cream for pain/discomfort. I have used CBD products for stress.

  4. Product 1) CBD + CBG BODY MASSAGE OIL
    Product 2) Cherry Bomb CBD Gummies

  5. (1) What do you prefer for pain relief?
    (2) Have you ever used a CBD product to relieve pain?

  6. I use CBD products for muscle Pain. I love CBD Products.

  7. I do like the salves better than creams or gels, gels to me are just too messy to deal with,I get a lot of knee pain and foot pain also.

  8. I have been ordered, pain pills, and muscle relaxers. I also use cbd salve. I prefer not to use narcotics unless necessary

  9. I prefer anything that works. Been taking opiayes...not working anymore. Guess it's time for steroid shots. I've tried medical marijusana and it didn't help pain. I'd love to try this product, maybe I need more CBD than THC.

  10. I love CBD for pain. It is great for ostoearthitis!

  11. The picture shows 1000 mg. I dont see it in the order form. How do I buy 1000 mg?

    1. I checked, also, today 2/9/24 and the website doesn't show the 1,000 mg size. Only 250 & 750. Shown are my own photographs of jar opened and jar in my own hand, so at one time they had 1,000 mg size. Perhaps you can ask them directly using their contact information as shown on the Pana website.


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