Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I, Vivaldi by Janice Shefelman & illustrated by Tom Shefelman

My thoughts:
I just read a delightful children’s book about composer Vivaldi. My children played some of his piano compositions as they advanced in their piano studies. I love this book and I found some of Vivaldi's music YouTube. (Published by Eerdmans Books for Young readers ISBN:9780802855862)

The story is well written and tells of young Vivaldi's physical limitations that prevented his ability to run and play like other boys. It also told of the influence his father's musical career had on young Vivaldi. 

Growing up in a musical family, Vivaldi's love for music, its composition and performance, and above all, its absorption into Vivaldi's life was shown throughout the book. His mother's insistence on his studying to be a priest, and how even though he complied, his music still became his primary focus.

I totally enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. (Turn your sound on for the short video clip.)

About the book: In this picture book inspired by the life of Antonio Vivaldi, the composer himself narrates how a creative, determined boy grew up to create masterpieces like “The Four Seasons.”

Despite his mother's vow for him to become a priest, young Vivaldi is only interested in music. He soon grows from a feisty, violin-obsessed boy into a stubborn young man who puts his musical training ahead of his studies for priesthood. Beautiful, ornate artwork portrays the spirit and splendor of Vivaldi's hometown of Venice. A historical note, musical score, and glossary will help readers more fully appreciate the composer’s Baroque context and his enduring genius. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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