Thursday, February 20, 2020

Turn it Up!: A Pitch-Perfect History of Music that Rocked the World - National Geographic [Review & Giveaway]

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My thoughts: Historians tell us that man has created "music" since earlier times. We have no written history to facilitate this. However, we do have archaeological indicators of some earlier music instruments and we know that cultures each present music in various ways and means.

The National Geographic Kids Turn It Up!: A Pitch-Perfect History of Music that Rocked the World takes young readers, and "their adults," back in history and up to modern day. We see an evolution of man's creation of sounds and instruments on which to produce those sounds. And as we continue through this evolutionary history, we see that to some degree man remains in his historic past with explosive sounds that rock their world.

My personal choice of music leans toward orchestral or symphonic renderings of glorious melodies and lovely chamber ensembles of violins and their cousins. I enjoy a good mellow sound of "easy listening" with strings, mellow brass horns of various types, and reed instruments.

My choice doesn't include the raucous rap, or bams, or booms and off beat cadences of modern music. But music was evolved or perhaps de-volved to such.

This book simply presents the musical evolution and those creators of each genre. I like that listings of performers and songs that enable readers to access each of the types.  I do think that there is too much focus given in this book to the loud, strident sounds that comprise today's musical choices and the performers. 

This is an interesting book and would be a good choice for libraries and personal libraries. I strongly encourage homeschoolers to avail themselves of books of this type even if I can't endorse or say I enjoy every tidbit of information. 

About the book: From classical to country, blues to rock, hip-hop to pop, crank up the volume and get ready to rock out with a comprehensive record of music through the ages.

The high notes and biggest moments in music history are covered in this fun compendium. You'll learn about the world's most famous musicians through the eras, from Bach to the Beatles to Beyonce -- and beyond. Many major music genres are playfully explained, from tribal, classical, jazz, folk, rock ... all the way to today's modern forms, such as k-pop, hip-hop, and rap. Instruments and sounds are explored, along with places and events in history that inspired the evolution of music. Kids will also get a sense of music theory, instrumentation, and the artistry of distinctive musical styles. Song recommendations help readers open their ears to what they've learned. Add to that amazing images, a rockin' glossary of musical terms, and a timeline that plots each genre on its path from ancient history to today, and this book is bound to top the charts!

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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies from MMPublicity on behalf of National Geographic to facilitate a review. Opinions expressed are mine, alone and are freely given. Winner's copy is provided and shipped directly to the winner by publicist or publisher.

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