Saturday, February 1, 2020

Skin Daily Rose Water Toner Spray for Face

Rose Water Hydration or cleansing with a quick mist

Several years ago I discovered rose water and have used a couple different brands. I still don't know the scientific use or benefit of rose infused water, but personally I do know that it is refreshing, enjoyable, and adds another layer of moisture to my thirsty skin.

Simply spritz a bit over face or body for instant hydration that smells really nice.
Or you can spritz/saturate a cotton ball and use as a toner to effectively remove last traces of makeup. 

So how to incorporate it into my daily regime? And just what is Rose Water?.....
ROSE FLOWER WATER: It is an aqueous solution of the steam distillate obtained from the flowers of Rose
This is a very pleasant, softly scented water that is intended to help cleanse the skin of residual makeup and skin cells after your regular cleansing method. I also love that it is a product that can be misted onto the skin and hair to hydrate at any time.  I  also have used it to set makeup after applying makeup with a light spritz. I used it in each of these manners and it feels quite nice and is certainly pleasant to use.

Do I recommend the Skin Daily Rose Water Pure - Rosewater Toner Spray for Face?

I'd say it makes a nice non-drying toner to use after washing one's face. It is also a very pleasant hydrating mist. And the fragrance is love, soft, non-lingering.

Product information (find it on Amazon - click here

  • HEAVENLY FRESH ROSE SCENT- Skin Daily Pure Rose Water smells just like heaven. As if a fresh bouquet of stunning summer roses has been brought straight in from the garden, then bottled and rushed right to your doorstep. Skin Daily's Rose Water has a light fresh scent that is refreshing and delightful, and will leave your senses uplifted and your skin super soft and smelling delightful and pure.
  • COOLS AND SOOTHES SKIN IRRITATION- Skin Daily Rose Water has natural calming properties that cools red and irritated skin, soothes itchy skin, and hydrates dry skin. Our Rose Water is very refreshing on the face and feels amazing on your skin. Instead of having small bumps and irritations turn into large eruptions, apply Skin Daily Rose Water to calm down the skin and leave it feeling radiant and dewy.
  • PURE, NATURAL, UNCOMPROMISING - This is the real deal...the way Rose Water is suppose to be. 100% all pure and natural Rose Water is made by distilling rose petals in pure spring water. Unlike other brands, nothing else is added to our 100% Pure Rose Water, no alcohol to dry your skin, and no preservatives, only pure rosey goodness.
  • PAMPER YOURSELF- Tone with Skin Daily Pure Rose Water for a pampered sense of cleanness and softness. Tone with Skin Daily Rose Water to eliminate dry spots, take away that tight feeling caused by cleansing, and to make your skin feel soft and dewy. How does skin toned with Rose Water look? Skin will show a brighter more hydrated complexion and radiance and have your friends asking what your doing different with your skin care regimen.
DISCLOSURE: Product reviews may have been provided at a highly discounted or at no charge to facilitate a review of my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this review. Opinions are strictly my own and given after I personally or a family member uses the product.

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