Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fabulous Tenth & Pine baby and toddler organic tee shirts - Made in USA (#sensitiveskin #eczema #organiccotton)

Today folks are thinking seriously about the environment and that includes manufacturers. So when I received my package containing the exceptionally fine Tenth & Pine toddler T-shirt,  I was quite impressed. The package did include some plastic, but not over-much. The shirt was encased in a simple, brown kraft paper bag imprinted with the logo. It looked great and I could see they value the environment just from their packaging.

Then when I removed the gem of an organic cotton T-shirt, I was simply amazed at the softness, quality weave, and structure. Believe me, as a grandmother of 13 and mother of 5, I've handled quite a few T-shirts and other items of clothing. This Tenth & Pine product is top quality.

And some of my Chat With Vera readers have already met my great-grandson who has appeared in several posts and reviews. He is one cute little fella and so lively and so very smart. Yes! I'm a proud Great Grandma.

I passed this shirt along to his mommy and was thrilled to do so. You see, Baby Caleb has had eczema that pops up on his beautiful skin. So sensitive. This organic cotton T-shirt is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. Well worth the money!

And it is an USA product. Sourced and produced in America.

What Baby Caleb's mommy is saying about the Tenth & Pine T-shirt.....

I've been blessed with a healthy, thriving son that is always on the go! However, we've been dealing with his sensitive skin and a range of eczema conditions from the day he came home, so we're very careful about his clothes, detergent and anything he touches. I could tell from the moment I picked up this shirt that it was going to be perfect for him, the fabric was so soft, supple and made with good quality materials. This little cutie had free range of motion and was very comfortable while he was wearing it, not to mention the timely message for Valentine's Day. The quality and thickness is of the type that I know it will hold up well over time and whatever he gets into next.
(--Photos by Rebecca Roddenberry-Smith, Baby Caleb's Mommy) 

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Product information - buy here
Tenth & Pine's timeless, gender neutral designs are made to celebrate your special moments and create lasting memories during these special times. Featuring buttery soft and breathable premium organic fabrics. A natural organic cotton t-shirt is the perfect top for every boy or girl and comfortable for every day wear!

The organic fibers used in Tenth & Pine products are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Benefits to Organic Cotton:
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, all natural fibers.
  • No chemicals, no harsh toxins.
  • Conservation of natural resources, minimize pollution.
  • GOTS Certified workplace, employees are treated fairly.
  • Durability, strong resilient material.
DISCLOSURE: I receive a complimentary product to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine and Baby Caleb's and are freely given.

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