Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Nerd A to Z: Your Reference to Literally Figuratively Everything You've Always Wanted to Know by Tamara J. Resler, National Geographic Society

My thoughts:  As with most National Geographic Kids publications, "Nerd A-Z" provides a plethora of information. In this publication the variety is astounding. Arranged alphabetically, the topics under each letter is varied and surprising. Bite-size bits to plant seeds of curiosity in the minds of young readers for future exploration into subjects that they find interesting.

I found some things about this publication that didn't appeal to me. First of all, the alphabetical idea is good and yet there is not any rationale that I can find behind the bits of information gathered under each letter. Example: "F"
  • F-35 Helmet
  • Fantasy Geopolitics
  • Fashions from Sci-Fi
  • Fire-Making
  • Fire-Tailed Titi Monkey
  • Fire Walking
Or perhaps "C"
  • Chimpanzees
  • Concussions
  • Cosmetics
  • Cosplay
  • Coyote
  • Crop Circles
So while the information is good and the amount of each is in the form of snippets, it seems quite random.

Then I also found the font size to rather small as though they wanted to cram as much information as possible on the pages.

Positive aspects in my opinion include the great amount of information on a variety of subjects, the fun and appealing illustrations - both photographic and drawn, and the sometimes silly or tongue-in-cheek method of description or presentation. These will all appeal to young readers and make the book good for picking up and reading to garner lots of bits of information that all Nerds love to have crammed in their inquisitive brains.

About the book: Want to know how likely it is that robots will take over the world? Or what Viking heroes were really like? Find out in this guide to all things smart and geeky--from ancient history to sci-fi technology, Marvel superheroes to edible insects, and beyond!

Move over dictionary. There's a new reference book in town!

This superstuffed alphabetical compendium of must-know facts from science, pop culture, history, and more is perfect for kids who already know the names of every single dinosaur or want to understand exactly how the Millennium Falcon works. It's a book for grammar gurus, science snobs, music geeks, and history buffs. In short, it's a book for nerds.

Inside, you'll find browsable, info-packed blurbs that'll give you the lowdown on everything from augmented reality to zydeco, with larger features that dive deep into fascinating topics like UFOs, pirates, artificial intelligence, and daring circus acts. You'll find out what kind of nerd you are with superfun flowchart quizzes. And you'll hear from the world's most notable (and quotable) Nerds of Note from history and today.
Begins January 15
Ends February 12 at 12:01 a.m. ET
Open to USA addresses only.
 DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from MMPublicity on behalf of National Geographic to facilitate a review. Opinions expressed are mine, alone and are freely given. Winner's copy is provided and shipped directly to the winner by publicist or publisher.

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