Saturday, January 11, 2020

NENRENT Q13 TWS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds [Review]

The NENRENT Q13 TWS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (Bluetooth 5.0) come with their own charging case and provide HD Stereo Sound and fast pairing.

The set pairs nicely with my iPad and the sound on them when used paired with the iPad is very good. NENRENT BLUETOOTH EARBUDS - AMAZON LINK

I am very hard of hearing and use hearing aids. So since my hearing aids don't pair with my iPad or laptop computer, I was looking forward to using the Nenrent Earbuds. They work great with the iPad; but although my laptop (HP Pavilion) shows them in the Bluetooth list as "paired," they do not emit ANY sound. I don't know if this is from the incompatibility of the computer with the Nenrent Bluetooth Earbuds or maybe I'm not doing something correctly.

When I use my iPhone, my hearing aids are paired and I hear fine so I don't need the earbuds for the phone. I do need them for the iPad and my laptop computer.

Another disadvantage for me, and I am sure this is a limited disadvantage since I recognize the problem. I have exceptionally small ear opening and canal. The earbuds don't "seat" well and I have to be quite still while they are in my ears to prevent their dropping out. Again, this is a known problem for me and not an issue with the product.

Again, the sound with these from the iPad was very good.

Disclosure: Products I review may have been provided at no cost to me or highly discounted. Regardless, they are products that I have used or a family member has used and we provide our own opinion.

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