Thursday, July 12, 2018

What a Southern Grandma thinks of Hello Fresh meal kits [#sponsored #review]

I have seen various food delivery services advertised where you receive the entire meal including vegetables, meat, spices, and recipe all planned out for you and packaged ready for you to construct and cook your own dinner. The advantage of these meal kits is convenience, no running to the grocery, the right amount of ingredients without buying a large quantity that you never entirely use, and a variety from that which you normally cook in your day-to-day living.

So when the opportunity arose to receive two meal kits that serve two people each, I grabbed the opportunity with delight.

I've not been disappointed!

Meals arrived packed in a heavily insuated box with ice to maintain cold and freshness.

These recipes are putting together ingredients in such a way that I would never have imagined and it is good! I discovered "Persian cucumbers"! What a delight! I discovered a spread that you make yourself to go on a Greek "burger." Taste thrill!

Meats were in vaccum sealed packages
and thoroughly chilled with icepacks.

Let's just say I totally enjoyed the cooking experiences these two kits provided as well as the taste of new ingredient combinations. Now about the two meals.....

Greek Diner Burgers on the Grill

All the ingredients and directions for the Greek Burger meal.

The produce was fresh and a little different from that which I find in the local grocer. Loved the Persian Cucumbers (crisp, green, tasty). The Shallot appeared to be an yellow onion, but inside was a "red" onion. The combination of lemon juice, Dijon mustard, olive oil (provide yourself), and a touch of sugar as a dressing for the tomatoes, cucumbers, and shallot salad was delicious and what was leftover kept very nicely in the 'fridge.

The burger was seasoned with Mediterranean spice and feta cheese. it called for hot sauce (provided), but we left it out since we're not particularly fond of hot sauce. The spread used on the bun with the burger atop was delicious consisting of sour cream (provided), olive oil (you provide), Mediterranean spice, and feta cheese (provided). Wonderful!

Prep for salad for Greek meal
Prepared salad

Greek Burgers with lovely spread and feta cheese cooked in burgers.

One-Pan Orzo Italiano

Ample ingredients and directions for the Orzo Italiano meal
This was a totally different dish and taste experience from anything I've prepared at home and my husband and I enjoyed it immensely. The prep was different from what this Southern cook has done, too, so I had an oops! moment or so. But it all ended quite well.

First of all, I loved the chicken sausage. It is good by itself, and marvelous in this dish. The spinach that was provided was fresh and very small, tender leaves, and there was such an ample provision that I will have a lovely spinach salad tomorrow for lunch!

The Mozzarella Cheese provided was probably the best Mozzarella Cheese I've had. I do know it is much better than the bagged cheese in the grocer. Will have to "up my quality game" for this cheese. After chopping the parsley, I decided not to sprinkle it atop the prepared dish but will save it for inclusion in soup later.

This was absolutely delicious.

So as far as Chat With Vera is concerned, I can recommend that my readers try Hello Fresh home delivery of meal kits for an cooking and eating experience that I believe they will enjoy.

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NOTE FROM VERA: While I thoroughly enjoyed using this first set of meal kits and they were delicious, I chose to not continue. I consider it pricey.

DISCLOSURE: #sponsored #review I received my kits at a highly discounted cost to me to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I can heartily recommend and that I or a member of my family can use. I was not encouraged nor required to give a positive review.


  1. I've checked into Hello Fresh and it looks like one of the better meal kits. Everything that you prepared appears to be very fresh. Although I have not tried their kits before, it looks like it would be a helpful option for someone that is new to cooking and would benefit from a step-by-step process. Also, I think it would be a fun family activity.

  2. I am loving all the cooking ideas. With the holidays I always want to come up with new stuff and new ways to use leftovers too. Thanks so much for the post....really helps

    1. Thanks, Monique S. I do appreciate your kind comment


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