Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Four Seasons Crafting EDUCATIONAL SEWING AND CRAFT KIT FOR KIDS [#sponsored Review]

My thoughts:  I raised five children and made most of their clothes and mine. The sewing machine was very frequently in use. My children wanted to learn to sew as well and each adapted to the use of needle and thread, cutting with a pattern, and other skills with various aptitude. Yes, they made their own little stuffed animals usually out of scraps of material I had on hand and mostly free-hand shape for their critters. Some fairly successful and some left a bit to be desired.

This is why I can so very heartily recommend this cute Four Seasons Crafting Educational Sewing and Craft Kit for Kids. It is a terrific assortment of small felt critters that the young child can construct using the great assortment of child-friendly tools.

  1. Precut pieces for each critter are packaged separately with its own set of instructions and a plastic needle.
  2. A set of metal needles is included that are "child sized" for ease of handling.
  3. The pair of scissors are small and non-pointed, they have a ruler along one of the blades, and really do cut the thread.
  4. Skeins of colorful thread for sewing the critters.
  5. Straight pins are large with larger than usual heads for young hands to manipulate and are in a "wheel" for keeping. Love the little pin cushion that is included.
  6. Needle threaders (2) are great for getting thread through the needle eye.
  7. Fluffy stuffing to plump up the little critters once sewn
  8. A great satin carry bag that will provide much fun even after the sewing projects are completed.
I can hardly wait to gift this set to my grand-girls. There are four in the family and the oldest has been doing some sewing making her own critters and I know she and the other three will have lots of fun with this set. The instructions are great and show how to make the straight, running stitch as well as the blanket stitch. 

Product information (from Amazon): This set includes -  Wild Friends Jungle - Tiger, Monkey, Parrot, Snake, Panda, 120 Pieces
  • SCREEN-FREE ENTERTAINMENT! Get your kids away from their electronic gadgets and busy using their creative juices. These kits are the perfect activity for sewing novices and pros, boys and girls alike.
  • TEACH VALUABLE SKILLS - Build kids' sewing skills, keep them actively engaged and interacting with friends, teach them the joy of a job well done and they have something tangible for their hard work!
  • CUTE, CUSTOM DESIGNS - Our unique, adorable animal designs make kids happy, and our custom name tags allow them to name their new animal friends and make them their own.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SETS - Offering hours of unsupervised entertainment for girls and boys, Wild Friends Sew and Craft Kits contains everything you need to start sewing - from start to finish. No machine needed.
  • LOADED WITH GOODIES - Each Wild Friends Sew and Craft Kit includes: 5 adorable pre-cut felt animals, 7 colors of embroidery thread, 5 kid-safe plastic sewing needles, 5 metal sewing needles and needle threaders, 40 straight pins, pin cushion, safety scissors, stuffing, colorful easy-to-follow instructions, and a colorful soft carrying bag for easy storage and organization.
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DISCLOSURE: I received this product either free or highly discounted to facilitate a #sponsored review. I may have received payment for posting the review on social media. Opinions are mine, alone and are given without requirement for a positive review. I only recommend products that I personally think will benefit myself or a member of my family.

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