Thursday, July 26, 2018

Gland Electronics Medical Thermometer for use in the ear or on the forehead [#sponsored #review]

You can tell a lot about the quality of merchandise by the way
a company packages it's product. Gland Electronics crafted a
fabulous package for this lovely thermometer.
My thoughts:  The days of the glass thermometer for determining whether or not someone sick has a fever are virtually gone. In its place a variety of instruments - electronic no less - have taken its place. Now you can quickly and accurately make a sick or well determination based on body temperature with a deft touch to the forehead or just inside the ear.  Much easier to read than the old glass rods.

They do need batteries and you may have an "Oops! Battery is dead and none on hand" moment, but perhaps a bit of forward thinking takes care of that problem. Smooth design would be easy to wipe clean after using. This Gland Electronics thermometer is professional, fast, accurate, works in ear canal or on forehead, and is suitable for babies (over 3 months) on up to adults. Perfect for homes.
My husband's forehead temp was 97.7 and mine was 97.3

A swipe of alcohol and the instrument is clean until the next time. I recommend this product.

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DISCLOSURE: This is a #sponsored #review for which I received a free or highly disocunted product. Sometimes I am given a small stipend to produce a review online. However, I only recommend products I have used or can faithfully recommend my friends and family use.

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