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Using natural Real Time Pain Relief® products for those aches and pains [Review & Giveaway]

Source your pain relief from natural ingredients and with a company that's been around awhile

What is your process of dealing with pain? The key is to begin with the less invasive to your body and proceed until pain relief is attained.

Use of heat and cold: 
  • Some pain responds to ice packs or cold packs that apparently slow the swelling and inflammation that are associated with overuse and injury.
  • Use of warm heat packs delivers comfort and relief to injured areas. Good for stiffness and the pain associated with stiffness. 
Use of topical applications such as creams, lotions, and roll on liquids:
  • Creams, lotions, and roll on applications with "heat" or "peppers" tend to stimulate the surface nerves and cause a sensation of heat to the area. This provides a relief that is complex involvement of mind and surface nerve sensations overriding the deeper source of pain. Effective in some cases. Con: can cause irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Menthol based creams, lotions, and roll on applications whose main ingredient is menthol which is a nasal sensory as well as a topical sensory product that seems to provide relief. Effective in some cases. Con: can have an offensive scent for when you are away from home. 
Ingestion of Over the Counter medications: Aspirin, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn) - Cons: Some cause irritation of stomach and bowel, acetaminophen can cause liver damage, and NSAIDs can cause bleeding.

Prescription medications: Pills, patches, liquids - These are the "big guns" and care must always be taken. Con: some can be addictive.

So where does that leave you when you are hurting?

Once you have tried the heat/cold treatment, you have the option of a topical over the counter and all natural homeopathic product line - Real Time Pain Relief®.  Some products they have graciously provided for me to try for my personal aches and pains and those of my husband include:
Real Time Pain Relief®: Sports Cream, MAXX Pain Relief lotion & MAXX Bath Bomb, & Hemp Oil Plus


My thoughts on the products: 

Bath Bombs: Maxx Bath Bomb and Gentle Bath bomb are the two options.  The Gentle Bath Bomb  uses peppermint extract instead of peppermint oil so that there isn’t any cooling effect. The cooling in MAXX is minimal but for some too much. These do not smell of peppermint. They have a very pleasant scent. The Gentle Bath Bomb is pleasantly scented, though not "perfumed," the water becomes silky smooth and it was very relaxing to de-stress using this product. My skin felt wonderful in the bath and afterward and I felt relaxed and fresh.

Hemp Oil Plus Topical Lotion: I've used this product several times. The Hemp Oil Plus topical lotion is pleasant to use and I have used it at the base of my neck, on my shoulders, and lower back. I felt the pain and discomfort I was experiencing decrease. Last evening shortly before bedtime, my back began aching in earnest and I had shooting pain/spasms going down both legs. This usually portends a rough night. I decided to try the Hemp Oil Plus. I applied it liberally to my lower back and down both legs (sides). I did NOT have a rough night and the spasms went away. I attribute it to this product. Only time will tell is that is what helped, but I was totally impressed and this is a product I will definitely utilize to give it a full opportunity to ease my senior citizen aches and pains.

MAXX Pain Relief: I used the MAXX Pain Relief to relieve my husband's chronic back pain (from fractured disc and other old age back problems). He said he thought it helped some and I know he didn't complain while using it. So that's a plus! I found it to have menthol scent and the feeling of heat that menthol provides. I used it when my back was just a little achy but I was headed out to run errands. I might need some help preventing backache. It seems to have helped since I finished my errands with no sign of backache.

Sports Cream: I find that as a senior citizen, I have aches and pains when I awake in the morning. Sitting a long time also brings them on. And as a senior that tries to care for her health and bones and muscles, I frequent a local gym for some cycling, treadmill, and strength building. It sometimes brings on a bit of muscle and join soreness later in the day and even the next day. The Real Time Pain Relief® Sports Cream is a ramped up cream for weekend warriors and day-in-day-out athletes who experience muscle fatigue, soreness, and just simple body stress that hurts. The verdict is still out on my son's use of the Sports Cream as he is doing intensive prep for a major outdoors even later this summer. Will try to give his "take" on the product, too.

I definitely keep topical creams, lotions, and roll on products in supply so I can simply reach for them. There are a few from drug stores I've come to rely on, but I think these Real Time Pain Relief® products can certainly, and perhaps even better, take care of these discomforts for me.

They can be ordered online through their website or even Amazon (Real Life Pain Relief®). Doing a quick check, I found that even Walmart carries the products online.

WINNER TO RECEIVE: Real Time Pain Relief® Sports Cream, MAXX Pain Relief lotion and MAXX Bath Bomb, and Hemp Oil Plus
Begins June 6
Ends June 30 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only
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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary products from RTPR (Real Time Pain Relief®) to facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed are solely my own and are not influenced by RTPR to render a positive review. It is to be understood that these are over the counter medications in the line of homeopathic treatments and no medical claim is made by myself endorsing these medically as to effect or ingredients. I simply used the products and commented on my experience.


  1. I have never heard of the bath bombs before!!

    1. MammaNatty - there is a plethora of essential oil and relaxation bath bombs in stores and online. These Real Time Pain Relief bath bombs are more intensly therapeutic (my opinion) though I thoroughly enjoy the "girly" bath bombs for relaxing soaks as well.

  2. We could use FOOT Pain Relief, Nujuvena Joint Support, and Face Cream Special. I like that it leaves no greasy mess, so it’s perfect for use any time of day.

  3. I think our family would find their Hand Pain Relief, Foot Pain Relief, and Daily Relief Lotion products helpful. I found it interesting that they have Introductory packages of some of their products, like their Joint Support Package.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I think our family would like Skin Rescue, Vegan Pain Relief, & Hemp Oil Plus Pain Relief. It's interesting that they have no medicinal odor.

  5. The three Real time Products I want to try are Gentle Pain Relief Lotion, Sports Cream and Vegan Select. An interesting tip I found is pain sufferers usually need more Magnesium to help reduce pain and relieve muscle cramps.


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