Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cornerstones: 200 Questions and Answers to Learn Truth by Brian Dembowczyk

Age 6 - 12
Hardcover 160 pages
BH Kids Publishing
My thoughts:  Some churches teach catechism which is a system of questions and answers about God, sin, the church, etc. These churches require or encourage learning the catechism prior to attaining membership into the church. While Baptist and other churches don't require or encourage the learning of catechism for membership it is not wholly a bad idea to learn these basic doctrinal  facts and ave them fixed in one's mind.

My thinking is that the introduction of the content of the children's book Cornerstones: 200 Questions and Answers to Learn Truth has the potential to utilize the concept of "catechism" without the formality. It is somewhat akin to a devotional guidebook. It provides an opportunity for children and parents to take time to address, one at a time, the truths each question/answer brings forth. They have supporting scripture.

The book's "chapters" are topical and include: God (30), Creation (20), Sin (20), Jesus (20), Salvation (20), The Bible (30), Discipleship (40), The Church and Last Things (20). The colors are basic background colors for each "chapter." (numerals refer to questions in each topical chapter) Example of material:

"In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Q.What is God?
A.God is creator and ruler of everything.

Q.Can we now that God exists?
A. Yes, we can know that God exists from evidence in nature and in the Bible from an inner sense that tells us He does.

Q. How many Gods are there?
A. There is one true God, and only He deserves worship.

The illustrations are done in beautiful "tiles" and also have a look of stained glass. The Middle East where the Bible originated is known for it's beautiful mosaic art and I think it is quite fitting to illustrate this children's book in this style. The colors are strong and yet softly hued. There is a soft intensity to the illustrations. This is a beautiful book.
Cornerstones is a wonderful introduction for children to understand theology in a simple yet with a good deal of depth.  I highly recommend this as a treasure to use in the home of Christians.

About the book:  How can parents teach kids to know God's truth? By asking and answering the right questions.

For centuries, parents have used the ancient method of learning and reciting questions and answers to teach the core doctrines of the faith. This beautifully designed book uses this regular rhythm of asking and answering to introduce children to spiritual truths and spark a hunger within them to know God even more.

Through 200 questions and answers, Cornerstones covers such principles as God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, sin, redemption, the church, restoration, and more. The whole family can use the book together, or children can use it on their own since each question and answer is written to make these foundational doctrines accessible.

Ask these right questions, and give your children the right answers on how to truly live their lives for God.

DISCLOSURE:I was provided a complimentary copy by BH/Lifeway Publishing to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own are are freely given.


  1. I used to love doing this kind of question and answer format with my parents as a kid! I might need to check this one out! Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on!

    1. I have been very impressed with this book. As a Baptist growing up (and still) we didn't "do" catechism but I can totally see the value in the question answer format for instruction and further discussion. Also, this book begins at the beginning and takes on through to Christ's return. Loving it!


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