Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Go to Sleep, Sheep! by Tommy Nelson Books - Published by Thomas Nelson

My thoughts:  This is a sweet young children's board book featuring little sheep who are cute and playful. They are drawn as in a family setting and it is bedtime for the little ones. After being called from play time by their mother to ready themselves for bed, the little ones run through the typical list of procrastination techniques that children engage in.

A well done rhyming story with soft, lovely illustrations, this is a good choice for most families with little ones. It could, however, put ideas into the heads of compliant children who do not tend to procrastinate.  I still recommend the book as it doesn't get into out-right rebellion of children at bedtime and shows the mother graciously and gently leading her little ones into obedience. The story ends with bedtime prayer.

About the book: The silly sheep in Bedtime Barn don’t want to go to bed! Will they ever tire out?

“I’m thirsty!” squeaks a little voice.
“Please leave on a light!”
“I’m still not tired!” one cries out.
“Let’s have a tickle fight!”
Go to sleep, sheep!

If your little ones insist they aren’t sleepy, make bedtime more fun by curling up with this playful story. Once the silly sheep hit the hay, your sleepyheads will realize that bedtime isn’t so bad.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentaary copy from the BookLook Blogger's Review program on behalf of the publisher to faciitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given.

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