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National Geographic Kids ALMANAC 2019 [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN: 9781426330131
My thoughts: Families look forward to summer when the daily trek to school is replaced with sunny, hot, relaxing days filled with seaside or poolside visits or views of mountain vistas and theme park thrills. Often, though, we find the days dragging because an activity is rained out or all our time for excursions is used and the kids have time on their hands when they are simply bored.

My grand-girls look forward to the National Geographic Kids Almanac every year!

Sometimes a visit to the library helps, but it also helps to have one's own fun book that can be stashed into a backpack and carried around from hither to yon to fill those gap moments. The National Geographic Kids Almanac is just the book to do this. The variety of information it holds will most likely appeal to every child age 8 to 12 whether they are avid readers constantly packing away nuggets of information or if they are that reluctant reader that just hasn't yet found that special book to engage his or her mind.

The National Geographic Kids Almanac is a yearly publication (Check out my reviews of the 2017 and the 2018 Almanacs) and I am delighted to bring you the 2019 Almanac. There is a terrific amount of information and creative reading packed into these books and a super bargain at $14.99 (can be found for less online).

While kids certainly need a break from study just as adults need a break from the daily work grind, their minds must not be allowed to hibernate or go into what is known in the educational world as the "summer slump." They need a fun-to-read, information packed, convenient, and engaging book that is theirs to carry, handle, read, tote, consume, and enjoy bit-by-bit.
  • Incredible animal stories
  • Weird-but-true facts
  • "19 Cool Things" for 2019
  • Things to do, places to see, and ways to change the world
  • Great photographs, updated maps (these maps are terrific) and reference materials
  • Games, jokes, and activities
  • Quizzes, amazing inventions, wild animals and pets, and (Yikes!) homework help
Mom and Dad will find themselves sneaking a read of this information packed volume because it provides those bits and pieces of information with which you are fascinated or find yourself enthralled.

Highlights of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 (ages 8-12) include:

  • Cool events to look forward to in 2019 like World Emoji Day in July ’19 and Scooby-Doo’s 50th birthday in September ‘19
  • Hot movies coming in 2019
  • Latest updates about animals like the new four-legged recruits in Brooklyn and Taipei that are currently in training to help their human friends in law enforcement and how a recent Tasmanian Devil baby boom is helping to ensure these marsupials are saved from extinction
  • All About Animals — An entire section devoted to the wild and wonderful animal kingdom, including profiles of the awesome "Unicorns of the Sea," how dolphin’s brains work and the crazy antics of armadillos
  • Science and Technology — Cool inventions, how the slinky came to be and which animals have the strongest sniffers, to name just a few
  • Nature — Important and timely coverage of recent natural disasters, ideas for protecting our seas and examining wild weather and its impact
  • 19 facts for 2019 feature in every chapter including 19 Amazing Facts About Vikings, Telescopes, Deserts, Big Cats and more
  • Almanac Challenge 2019 — Lions Forever!
    • This year’s challenge encourages kids to get involved and make a difference. The focus is on highlighting the threats lions face and the importance of saving them.  Kids are encouraged to visit to create a lion poster and send a message with their entry about why they feel lions must be saved.  Winner will receive a $500 cash prize!
  • Crafts, Recipes and Activities
  • Digital Extras (videos, games, and even how to set up a “Lion-Ade Stand!) at

Find a copy at your local book seller or online.

Begins June 28
Ends July 20 @ 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only
a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy by MMPublicity on behalf of National Geographic Kids Publications to facilitate this review of my own opinions. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. Giveaway copy is graciously provided by publisher and publicist and mailed from them directly to the winner.


  1. What is your choice of activities to keep your child active through the summer and also keep their mind energized?
    1. Being independent and doing what they want.
    2. Books.
    3. Friends.

  2. "Find (1) other thing of interest on this website and comment on it in comments on my review."
    The site says lions are "epic nappers"!

  3. "If you have ever read or bought to share a National Geographic Kids' Almanac, leave a comment on your experience or that of your kid's."
    We have a previous year's Kids' Almanac, and like all National Geographic publications it's beautifully edited and full of cool and interesting information!

  4. We have scavenger hunts at the beach, choose a series of books to read and, when on vacation, be sure to visit museums and go on tours in addition to theme park and leisure activities. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity.

  5. 1. We love reading lots of books daily.
    2. We enjoy playing outside.
    3. We like going on lots of local adventures.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  6. I am pondering that very question myself. My son is older with autism and it is hard to find activities he will do.

  7. I am interested in FIRST BIG BOOK OF DINOSAURS.

  8. My grand kids really like these books. Yes, I would love more.

  9. 1. reading
    2. crafts
    3. museums
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  10. when my children where young we had National Geographic mailed to the house. This was before they had the childrens one. It was fantastic. They both looked forward to it each time. It helped feed both about animals with questions and then going to the library and museums to answer those questions. When the childrens came out both kids where in high school. A great experience.

  11. 1. Reading
    2. Picnic
    3. Flashlight walks

  12. Read library books
    Watch educational shows on PBS
    Read a devotional book before bed

  13. Given as a gift to our grandson, he insisted on taking it with him on car trips.

  14. What is your choice of activities to keep your child active through the summer and also keep their mind energized?

    1. We walk to the park and play.
    2. We do crafts. Indoor and outdoor crafts.
    3. I buy math, reading, writing, etc. workbooks. They do a page or two per day. When they complete the page(s), they get a sticker to put on their folder. When they collect 10 stickers, they get a prize.

  15. 1. reading & coloring
    2. camps - science, sports, arts, etc
    3. visits to zoos, museums, aquariums

  16. I like the 50 Birds 50 States videos.

  17. We have a number of National Geographic books. You can always count on them to be highly entertaining & educational.

  18. 1. swimming
    2. walking the dog
    3. going to library

  19. Yes, I've purchased the National Geo for my grandsons -- high quality books that they really enjoy.

  20. 1. Movies
    2. Museums
    3. Swimming

  21. 1)reading books
    2)imaginative play
    3)outdoor time

  22. 1) Reading books and sometimes acting out the characters.
    2) Playing outside, coming up with games and playing.
    3) Crafts, we love creating crafts togethers.

  23. I loved learning about the Aye Aye. I wish we had those in our campgrounds to help clear the bugs.

  24. 1. Swimming Lessons
    2. Skrafty Minecraft Classes
    3. Family Field Trips

  25. My daughter has read earlier versions from the library.

  26. 1. Playing outside
    2. Reading Books
    3. Spending time with friends

  27. We've never read or bought a National Geographic Kids' Almanac before.

  28. 1. Reading
    2. Bicycling
    3. Hiking

  29. 1. Playing outside
    2. Coloring/ Artwork
    3. Reading books together

  30. Reading.
    Outside activity.

  31. My children
    1. Hang with friends
    2. Read
    3. Play games


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