Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers from B&H Publishing Group

B&H Publishing Group
Impring of LifeWay Christian Resources
My thoughts: This is such a nice Bible story book for toddlers. With a softly padded cover and sturdy board pages, it will be one that wee  hands can safely handle and enjoy. They will love to find it and take it to someone to read to them.

This little book is more than a collection of Bible stories briefly told so the very young child can understand. There are key questions with answers that accompany each story. Not just about the story, but about theology.  This will be the beginning of your child's instruction into a deeper understanding of Biblical truth.

Example: "Why does God punish sin?" Answer: "God is holy. He never sinned, He is right to punish sin." "Who is always in control?" Answer: "God is always in control."

The illustrations of these Old and New Testament stories will appeal to the young child. What is very appealing to today's young who are so captivated by technology is the ability to download an app that is used with the book to "read" the story and view the illustrations in an augmented, or 3-D effect, manner. The story as voiced on the app is clear and very understandable. The text is slightly different from that which appears on the page. Each icon in the book denotes a "chapter" that is accessed through the app's menu. Super fun. They will need a smart phone or tablet to do this. But the book is great as a unit itself without the need to utilize the app feature.

A great addition for homes with young children.

About the book: Favorite Bible stories for your favorite toddlers!

Noah and the ark, Jonah and the big fish, David and the giant—little readers know which Bible stories are their favorites. The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers is an interactive and engaging new Bible storybook designed just for toddlers. With stories from both the Old and New Testaments, this big book means big fun and learning for little ones.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from B&H Publishing Group An Imprint of LifeWay Christian Resources to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given.


  1. Looks like a great book for children!

  2. When my daughters were younger, their grandmother would give them similar books.

  3. I really like the big picture questions and answers. That's a nice feature, as is the accompanying app. Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on!


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