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Books appropriate for "National Puppy Day" and "Year of the Dog" from National Geographic Kids [Review and 2-Book Giveaway]

National Puppy Day is March 23rd and with 2018 being the Year of the Dog, National Geographic Kids Books is jumping in on the fun with all four paws.  They have two titles about man’s best friend, both by award winning, New York Times best-selling authors and reading through these photographic gems invokes so many memories of puppies that have passed through my life.

ISBN: 9781426330698
National Geographic Kids
Hardcover $16.99 Ages 4-8

It’s a Puppy’s Life by Seth Casteel 

My thoughts:  If you've ever been around puppies, you know they are simply fascinated about and into everything. The pictures in this book capture expressions of innocence, inquisitiveness, and exuberance. Oh, for the life of a puppy when all is such fun!

While the text is stylized for the youngster up to age eight, the pictures will be enjoyed by all ages. So if you want to celebrate National Puppy Day or the Year of the Dog this book would be a grand choice to acquire. At least check it out from the library!

About the book: Since its debut in 2012, millions of people around the globe have fallen in love with New York Times best selling photographer Seth Casteel’s iconic and irresistible photos of dogs diving into swimming pools (Underwater Dogs, Little Brown). Seth has upped the cute factor with his picture book, It’s a Puppies Life,  featuring gorgeous, never-before-published photographs of a day-in-the-life of a puppy.   The photos and light text that accompany them capture the innocence, fun, silliness and personality of each pup as they sniff flowers, snuggle in blankets, play tug of war, make a serious MESS, get a bath and then sleep, sleep, sleep.    Although written especially for young readers, this book is certain to appeal to the puppy-obsessed of all ages, from kids, tweens and teens to hipster parents and doting grandparents.  A great pick for National Puppy Day on March 23rd!

About the author: SETH CASTEEL is an award-winning photographer and the New York Times best selling author of Underwater Dogs, Underwater Puppies, Underwater Babies, and a trio of children's books. In February 2012,  Casteel's series of photos showcasing dogs diving into swimming pools became an overnight Internet sensation, reaching more than 100 million people in less than 24 hours. This sudden attention resulted in  the Underwater series. Now with more than half a million copies in print around the world, Underwater Dogs is one of the best-selling photography books of all time.  Casteel has traveled the world in pursuit of his passion for animals.  His nonprofit campaign, One Picture Saves a Life, inspires, empowers and educates animal ambassadors around the world to improve rescue and adoption services through positive  photography. His rescue dog, Baby Nala, is his very best pal.  People often say that Seth and Nala have similar hairstyles.

ISBM: 9781426329715
Hardcover $19.99 Ages 9-12
National Geographic Kids

Dog Days of History: The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends by Sarah Albee 

My thoughts:  Usually thoughts of the history of dogs entails how they were bred from wild animals such as wolves. But there are so many sizes, shapes, and types of dogs today does perceived history really tell the story?

Dog Days of History is a much more extensive presentation of the canine history that I thought it would be and I found it fascinating to read through some of the stories about specific dogs, dogs in civilization, and how dogs have been used to serve man and become a "best friend" to him.

This book is especially appealing because of the wonderful illustrations that capture the art through the centuries and how dogs were often featured characters in art indicative of their place in history.

The book points out the use of dogs as service dogs, even pulling carts, throughout history. In today's culture it seems that there is movement to coddle dogs and elevate them to lives of leisure. However, history conveys the strength of dogs is in their ability to act and be of service to man whether it is pulling a cart or dogsled, aiding in disaster rescue, or sniffing out disease. Dogs can be playful, loving, act as a service assistant, comfort the unsettled, protect, and loving serve their "people."

The history of dogs as documented by mankind from cave paintings to modern day photography (and yes cute videos on the internet) is definitely fascinating. Every reader will learn a lot from this book and will see the value of man's canine companions from pre-history to modern day.

This book is an ideal supplement to add to homeschool libraries to incorporate into their history periods studies to include historical use of dogs. It is also a valued addition to any library - public, school, home.

About the book: What is it we love about dogs so much? From ancient times to the present, dogs have guarded us, worked with us, marched off to war with us, and of course, just sat on the couch with us for a cuddle. Throughout the course of human history, this partnership deepened from dogs doing a service into friendship. Dogs have been by our side through it all, and this book by award-winning and New York Times best selling author Sarah Albee tracks our common story from wild wolves in ancient civilizations to modern-day breeds, highlighting famous pooches of the past and present along the way. This impressive volume is a complete story of man's best friend, from the first domesticated dogs, to the massive mastiffs that came over with Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World, to the pampered pooches of kings and queens, to hero dogs like Sergeant Stubby.  Spreads from the book can be viewed here:

About the author: SARAH ALBEE is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 100 books for kids, ranging from preschool through middle grade, including Bugged, Poop Happened and Why’d They Wear That.  Recent  nonfiction titles have been Bank Street College of Education Best Books selections, Notable Social Studies Trade Books, and winners of Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Awards. These days she writes  primarily nonfiction, and especially loves writing about topics where history and science connect.  Prior to being a full-time writer, Sarah worked at Children’s Television Workshop (producers of Sesame Street). She played basketball in college, and then a year of semi-professional women’s basketball in Cairo, Egypt and currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, their three kids, and their dog, Rosie.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary copies of each of these books from MMPublicity on behalf of National Geographic Kids to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given.


  1. National Geographic does such a nice job with their children's books. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  2. My son would love these new dog books. He's autistic and repetition is the way the he expresses everything. He's terrified to touch a real Doug but he'd love these new ones!


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