Saturday, October 21, 2017


ISBN: 978-1101937686
My thoughts: As many know, I simply do not participate in Halloween. When I saw the book Bonaparte Falls Apart, I almost skipped past it. I read the promo for the story and decided to give it a try. After reading the story and looking at the pictures, I'm convinced that this is NOT a Halloween story at all. This is simply a story about a fear of going to school when one has physical issues that embarrass.

Told in an unforgettably funny way it recounts the many ways poor bony Bonaparte simply loses one piece (or rather bone) after another. His friends try to help him past this by various means and they all fail. A "service" dog is introduced and becomes the key to Bonaparte's managing to hold it all together.

The puns and play on words are simply hilarious. Of course, young children will most likely miss these but parents will have a truly fun time reading. And it is a good opportunity to help the little ones learn a bit of fun with words, too.

I think the illustrations are fun and well done. Not that I like scary creatures and Frankenstein type characters, even though they are nice and charming. This is simply a fun book and a subtle lesson in helping others and incorporating a helper or "service" dog.

About the book: Bonaparte is having a tough time. It’s hard for this young skeleton to just hang loose when he can’t keep hold of himself. When he plays catch, his throwing arm literally takes a flyer. Eating lunch can be a real jaw-dropping occasion. How can he start school when he has so many screws loose? Luckily, Bonaparte hit the bone-anza with Franky Stein, Black Widow, and Mummicula, three true, bone-a fide friends who all have some boneheaded ideas to help pull him together. But will it be enough to boost his confidence and get him ready for the first day of school?

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and are freely given.


  1. This book sounds fun. I think my kids would really enjoy this.

  2. Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on this week! This book really does sound fun!


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