Thursday, June 22, 2017

Flowerpot Children's Press presents two new books: Peace Dragon picturebook series - HOW I DID IT & ALPHABETTER [Review & Giveaway]

ISBN: 978-1486712106
Series: Peace Dragon
Flowerpot Press 


About the book; Empower your vocabulary with this hilarious dictionary full of playfully re-paired words that motivate, uplift, and inspire. Laugh and learn as you read each new word, and discover the amazing power our words have when we use them to encourage others and ourselves!

My thoughts: This cute picture book takes word definition and development to a new dimension. The author has created new words by combining existing words into a new dictionary. It is quite true that language is an ongoing developmental process and new words come to the fore quite often. These newly minted words are a "fun" excursion into thinking and creating.

I see the purpose of this book that of creating a peaceful, accepting mindset for the child. "Firarming {Fire + Warming} Use your inner fire for warming others, not burning them." Every letter of the entire alphabet is given a brand new word in this system of creating new from two.

While I find the book cute, delightful, engaging and the concept of creating a thoughtful, peaceful mindset in children really good, I personally don't care for the confusing words that are created by combining two words. Perhaps children "get" it. This grandmother didn't.

ISBN: 978-1486712113
Series: Peace Dragon
Flowerpot Press


About the book: Curious and inspired, I was full of ideas. I turned adversity into adventure when I took a chance and tried to change. Readers young and old will be inspired by how I did it.

My thoughts: This is a delightfully illustrated  story that is so much fun to read. As with most of us, "I" is the central character. And "I" has an idea and from that point on "I" gallops through the pages with his penchant for doing something different from the ram-rod straight letter he (or she) is. "I" wants to be different from the way he is designed and so experiments with bending, curling, and being like the other letters of the alphabet. "J" tells "I" to quit being a joker and being all bent out of shape. And then "I" got himself between the lines of the page and had an entirely different point of view.

The letters of the alphabet exclaim with words beginning with their letter: G = good grief; E = take it easy; W = What's wrong with wondering? wondered W.

The gist of the story is that we can be different from what we are perceived to be. And that is certainly true. We should as parents and adults, though, be careful to help our young charges to understand that living by the rules is just as important as realizing our own full potential.

A delightful book. Well done, colorful, and nice and sturdy.

The author's use of words and letters (A saw what C saw) is tickle-your-funny-bone delightful.

About the Author: Linda Ragsdale wants everyone to be a dragon, a Peace Dragon that is! As an author, illustrator, international speaker, and peace teacher, Linda has developed her Peace Dragon series to teach us how to harness our fiery energy into a peaceful and productive outlet by owning our human powers of view, voice, and choice. Linda invites you to be a peace dragon ambassador and join the 30,000 students she has taught around the world!
Begins June 22
ENDS July 14 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary complimentary copies to facilitate a review. Opinions are my own and freely given. Giveaway copies are provided via publicist and publisher.


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