Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hello Stars (A Faithgirlz story) by Alena Pitts & Wynter Pitts

ISBN: 978010760597
Paperback $8.99
My thoughts:  It seems that there is a continuing fascination for all things star-studded and by that, I mean entertainment stars - not solar system stars. The "FaithGirlz" publications are about empowering young girls to be what God has planned for them. You might want to check out the FaithGirls website (click here) for more about this program and their publications. I previously reviewed a couple of the FaithGirlz books for the 8-12 crowd and today I'm looking at "Hello Stars" another of the fiction books that tells the story of a young girl of faith and how she goes about life trying to live for God.

Written by mother and daughter who are both entertainers and about them as entertainers (fictional), we get into the star-studded life. How does being a young entertainer impact the life of a young girl? How "normal" a life can she live? In Hello Stars we learn that Lena struggles with obedience just as a "normal" girl does. Her mother guides her toward prayer about circumstances and decisions.

I found it refreshing that Hello Stars features a young African-American girl and her mother. This will be a good read for girls 8 to 12 of any race. It is about a Christian young girl and her mother so be sure to expect references to God, faith, Jesus, and prayer.

About the book: Hello Stars, a book co-written by a mother/daughter team, for girls 8-12 years old.This Faithgirlz series entitled Lena in the Spotlight, written by Alena Pitts, star of War Room and tween blogger of For Girls Like You, and co-written with her mother, editor and author, Wynter Pitts, is a reflection of Alena's own life experiences as she reaches for the stars and keeps her faith in balance.Quick Overview: Hello Stars, Alena Pitts' debut novel in her Faithgirlz series Lena in the Spotlight, introduces Lena Daniels. When Lena unexpectedly lands a movie role, is it too good to be true? This spirited 11-year-old must find a way to balance stardom with "real" life. Suddenly Lena wishes she had time for her three younger sisters and her friends.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Handlebar Publicity on behalf of the publisher and author to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and freely given.

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