Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch: The Adventures of Punkin and Boo (Volume 1) by Patrick E.Craig [Review & Giveaway]

  • ISBN: 978-0996533423
  • Pages: 132
  • Ages: Teens 
My thoughts: I truly love Mr. Craig's adult Amish fiction stories. His gift as a writer is fantastic and I love his way with imparting the story, characters, scenes, and truths. He is truly a word-smith that excels at his craft. I was curious about his capacity to write for a younger audience but felt he would bring authenticity to his stories and yet be able to entertain these young readers. That is not an easy task because Middle-readers are difficult to engage.

I love the two girl characters in Ghost Dancer Ranch - Punkin and Boo. They are cousins and are really getting themselves into some interesting situations during their summer break at Grandma's and Grandpa's ranch. Their escapades remind me much of the old Nancy Drew mysteries.

The story shows how easily a mixture of native Indian spiritual worship and that of basic Christianity can become a confusing mixture. The story also shows the insidious determination of gambling and casino elements creeping into the Indian culture. I especially love the grandparents. And the two girls are spot-on for young teens. Love the Christian elements in the book and the good clean read this is.

A real plus in Patrick E. Craig's Ghost Dancer Ranch stories is that all the historical information is true and the only fictional Indian characters are Red Bull and Jack Wilson. The rest of the Ghost Dancer History including Sitting Bull, Wavoka, Kicking Bear, the Bole Maru, and even Richard Taylor are real history and characters.

Patrick E. Craig, we are looking for more adventures of Punkin and Boo!
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About the book: The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch is the gripping story of two teenage cousins who are thrown together for the summer at their Grandparents’ ranch in California. While exploring the old ranch, the girls stumble on a mystery that involves desperate crooks, the ghost of a long-dead Sioux War Chief, a young Native American man on a mission to save his tribe, and secret tunnels and caves left over from an old Spanish Mission. Throw in a guardian angel who protects the girls from some evil spirits that want to bring the story to a bad end, and you have The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch, the first in a series of faith-filled mystery adventures for kids, featuring Punkin and Boo.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary copy by the author to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any manner.


  1. I love teen fiction! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Edye | Http://

  2. I think teen fiction is great but don't know if I can say which genre is preferred by most.

  3. I really like early teen fiction. I don't have a huge preference between the adventure/historical and fantasy genres. Both are great!

  4. I learned that Patrick has spent twenty-six years as a worship leader, pastor, and seminar speaker. The book appeals to me because I YA books are always fun reads. I also like the Christian elements of the book.

  5. I learned that Patrick is a lifelong writer and musician. I like the Amish culture and enjoy reading stories that incorporate that way of life into them.

  6. As difficult as it is to get some early teens to read, any age appropriate " clean" literature that they will read is a good thing. Personally , I prefer adventure or historical fiction for early teens, unless it is by a classic science fiction author like Heinlen,

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  7. Written by a man who loves music. I think teens are open to lots of genres.

  8. Teen fiction is preferred to most people I know.


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