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Sugar and Spice Gifts and Treats Spa Items (Etsy shop) for wonderful homemade bath treats [Review & Giveaway-US & CANADA]

I knew that Etsy stores or shops online were primarily owned by people who had small home businesses and who made crafty items to sell. I've seen pictures of some of these items and been quite impressed by the talents that are fueling this cottage industry. I love the entrepreneurial spirit of these Etsy businesses - many of them the dream of moms, sisters, aunts, friends. We should support their efforts - especially when they merit it by producing something as lovely as these products.

At Sugar and Spice Gifts and Treats, products are handmade, natural and chemical free, come in a wide variety of colours & scents, and custom orders are encouraged!
My package of lovely treats came packed in a beautiful keepsake box with lovely roses and writing all over it - portends of loveliness inside. I could hardly wait to lift the lid. When I did, I saw the beauties lovingly individually wrapped in pink tissue. Tucked in were also the lovely silky-gauge bag of soap with the little satin bow ribbon. I can hardly wait to experience all this girlyness!

The owner of Sugar and spice Gifts and Treats is Canada based and has developed a line of lovely bath products and even a few other items such as laundry needs. She also packages her items beautifully. Bath salts, bath fizzies, and such are in canning jars such as you would put your prize home made jams and jellies. The she decorates these with lovely "jewels" and fabric cutouts on the lids. The effect is charming. Bath Bombs are thoroughly wrapped in a plastic container and then placed in a frou-frou bag with netting and tied with a pretty ribbon. Soaps are wrapped and placed in a lovely bag and have added bling or glitz.
Unwrapped! Each beautiful item waiting for my enjoyment. I can hardly wait to try this relaxing lavender bath salts and that lovely pink goat soap (see the lovely butterfly "bling"..... Oh Joy! 

This is the stuff to get your "girly" on and give yourself or someone else some really good "spa-time-treats." Now just what was in my package?

  • Mango Bath Bomb (large) - This is absolutely divine! Subtle fragrance. Silky smooth feeling and wonderful to the skin. So relaxing! [Handmade to order. Ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Sweet Almond Oil, Meringue Powder, Powdered Sugar, Epsom Salts, Fragrance, Colour]
  • Orchid Almond Rose Soap Sample - So pretty! This lightly fragrant soap lathers fine & luxurious. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth. [Handmade. Ingredients: Goat Milk Soap, Glycerin Soap, Fragrance, Colour] 
  • Lavender Bath Salts - I thoroughly enjoyed my lovely bath soak using these light salts. The lavender scent is light and pleasant. Relaxing! [Homemade. Ingredients: Mineral Salts, Sea Salts, Fragrance, Colour]
  • Body Scrub -  The fragrance is ever so slight and the oil light. I like that this scrub is much less oily than those I've previously used and the fragrance light. The cute little jar is plastic but looks glass making it safe to use in the bath area. [Homemade. Ingredients: Fragrance, Colour, Coconut Oil, Epsom Salts]
  • Guest Goat Milk Fizzies - I tried the Chocolate Mint Bath Bomb Fizzies. Opening the pretty jar I caught a whiff of this delectable scent - a bit minty and a bit chocolaty. I plopped 2 into my bath and they fizzed and made the water so silky feeling. Very nice! [Handmade. Ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance, Colour]
Now a final look at real close up. See the lovely jars. You can reuse these for all kinds of things. Gift something to someone in them. Put cotton balls in them. Store a little bits of treasure!

Sugar & Spice Gifts & Treats has a special offer during the month of June: Free shipping on the Bubble Bars - CLICK HERE

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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary products from Sugar & Spice Gifts & Treats to facilitate this review. I was not compensated and opinions are my very own.


  1. I would like to try the Grapefruit and Rose Himalayan Salt Goat Milk Soap Heart Shaped Bars and the Coconut Milk Body Wash. I love that these items are handmade. I would love to try them! :)

  2. I would love to try the Pina Colada Bath Bomb Fizzies and the Spearmint Cocoa Body Butter. These products are very unique and offer awesome hard to find fragrances.

  3. I would like to try the Rainbow Colour Block Cake Soap and the Amaretto Body Scrub. I think it is interesting that each layer of the soap has a different fragrance. I bet it smells great!

  4. I learned there are a lot more fragrances and scents out there. The all sound great. I love Cocoa butter so I would try that. What a great site and keep up the great work.

  5. Pina colada bath bombs made with pineapple and coconut and spearmint cocoa body butter made with Shea butter! Yum!

  6. Love the wrapping in these products ->

    and these suspension soaps that have goats milk as an ingredient ->

    I favourited your shop and shared with friends. Thanks for giving.

    Besos Sarah.

  7. I would love to pamper myself with the Rainbow Colour Block Cake Soap and the Fruit Cocktail Lip Scrubs.
    I learned that the cake soap has each layer scented with a different gentle splash of fresh fruit fragrance.

  8. I would love the Amaretto Body Scrub and Honey body scrub. I learned that the Grapefruit and Rose Himalayan Salt Soap has real Himalayan Salt accents.

  9. I'd like the Pina Colada Bath Bomb Fizzies and also Coconut Milk Body Wash. The packaging is so lovely for all the products, and they are hand made too.

  10. I would love the Pina Colada Bath Bomb Fizzies and the Floral Summer Soaps. I love the fact that these are all handmade. Also the fact that they are so beautiful !!!!

  11. I'd like to try the Loofah Soap in Rootbeer and Rainbow Colour Block Cake Soap. I learned that they include a new scent and/or new upcoming product sample with each shipment.

  12. I think the Fruit Cocktail Lip Scrubs and the Grapefruit and Rose Himalayan Salt Goat Milk Soap Heart Shaped Bars sound good to pamper myself. I learned she is from Thunder Bay, Canada.

    1. The prices are cheap for what you get. I like everything. I would like to try the coconut body scrub and body wash.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Glamour Girl Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Shower Bombs and Laundry Cleaner would be at the top of my lists!!! They are all natural with no additives and I need that for my hubby and his sensitivities. We both have allergies that end up being colds and the aromatherapy with the menthol and camphor and eucalyptus sounds like it might be a Cold Buster!!!!!!

  15. Grapefruit and Rose Himalayan Salt Goat Milk Soap Heart Shaped Bars and Grapefruit Body Scrub. I learned that they are all handmade and the prices look great!

  16. I think the Bath Spa Gift sets are really nice and would enjoy owning them. Thank you.

  17. I would love the lip scrub and the the amerato body scrub or the bath spa gift sets, i love them all though, I find that they are so cute, and girly and will make you feel great just looking at them. Thank you

  18. First I would like the Bath Spa Gift Set in Chocolate mint and the Loofah Soap in watermelon. I think that having a natural loofah sponge is embedded in each soap is interesting. I have never seen that before.

  19. The loofah soap and milk and honey bar soap. I love that each item is specially wrapped nicely. It shows that the maker cares. Which is such a nice little touch.

  20. These sound like total indulgence! Pina colada bath bombs made with pineapple and coconut and spearmint cocoa body butter

  21. I would like to try Shampoo bars and Pina Colada bath bombs.

  22. I like the Spa Sampler Packs and the Honey Facial Cleanser.

    I like that you are encouraged to ask for your choice of products and scents in the Sampler pack - that's thoughtful!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  23. I would love to try the shampoo bars. Never tried them and sounds amazing. Also, the Rose Himalayan salt soap. Love rose scent. There are just so many I'm loving here.
    The fact I found interesting on the page is The 32 oz jar can wash 16 loads of laundry (a quarter of a cup per load) and the 16 oz jar will give you 8 washes. I've never used a product such as this for laundry. Thanks for the chance!!

  24. I would like to try the Natural Honey Facial Cleanser, and also I’d try the Cuticle Oil for my dry nails.
    I learned the Cuticle Oil is made from Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, all great products for hands and nails.

  25. I'd love to try the shampoo bars! They have those at LUSH too. Also the Loofah Soap is very interesting!

  26. shampoo bar and cuticule oil sound amazing, I learned you get a sample in each shipment!


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