Friday, April 17, 2015

The Ride by Kayla Davidson and illustrated by Kim Felts

About the book: Learning to ride a bicycle is a risky challenge for Olivia. She avoids this risk and even turns down ice cream, her favorite snack. What will encourage Olivia to overcome her fear and take a chance?

The Ride gives children hope and understanding. Regardless of the size of the task or regardless of the person's age, gaining strength and courage from the Lord is only a prayer away.

In this, her second book, Kayla Davidson creates a fun, playful way to teach children how to include God in their everyday lives.

Review: The Ride is a story of how a young girl overcomes her fear of riding her bike without her training wheels by relying of God. The encouragement of her supportive mother, the lure of a trip to the ice cream parlor, and the use of prayer help Olivia overcome her fear.

While the story is sweet and I always love a story where one’s trust in God is encouraged, I found the lovely art a bit off with the story. The child using the training wheels is pictured as a school age girl who appears older than one would expect a child to be who uses training wheels. But this is just my opinion.

The illustrations are lovely. The story is sweet. The lesson learned wonderful!  “I can do all things with Christ.”

DISCLOSURE: The author provided a complimentary copy in exchange for our review. No compensation was received and opinions are those of the reviewer.


  1. this is an awesome book im teaching my kids that now

  2. I think i will give this product a try.yay!


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