Tuesday, April 7, 2015

HYKO- Hyaluronic & Kojic Acid Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Serum from BAUANA Naturals

I am impressed with this serum. 

Hyaluronic acid seems to be a buzz-word-ingredient these days in face care and I have tried several brands. The BAUANA Naturals company has included Kojic to the mix. My skin seems to look better since using this product for a couple of weeks. I like hyaluronic serums and the addition of Kojic seems to really help.

I have been applying the HYKO Serum on my cleansed face while lightly massaging the skin with my hands in a circular, upward motion. The skin feels slightly tightened. I then apply moisturizer followed by makeup. On days I go "makeup free" I follow the same product applications to care for my skin. This is repeated at bedtime.

I have several dark spots on my face and using the hyaluronic acid seems to be helping lighten them. I anticipate to further reduce their darkness by using the HYKO serum.

I especially like that this product is organic, natural, paraben free, and made in the USA.  

Product information (from Bauana Naturals) - Why Is HA Good For You? - HA is an important natural component of your skin. Wrinkles and other skin damage from HA loss show up around late 30s. Preserving or regaining HA is a goal of many skin care products to keep skin supple and youthful-looking. Kojic acid is a more recent remedy for treating pigment problems and age spots. 

Check out www.BauanaNaturals.com and read about this product and the ingredients with quotes from WebMD article.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are mine alone and I received no compensation for this review.

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