Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New toy in the tub - Duckymeter, the Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Well, it is a toy and it is MORE than a toy. It is a safety net for moms bathing those little kiddies. Isn't ducky cute? I just love him.
Did you see how duckie is a rapid change artist as the water goes from one temperature to the next in rapid succession? Just that quickly, your baby could be scalded! Now you don't have to risk it!

When my kiddies were wee little ones, we only had our hands, elbows, and intuition to make certain the bath water was neither too hot nor too cold. Not any more! Look how ducky plays in the water and also gets across to mom that the water is too hot! Or the water has gotten too cold for the little one playing away.

Now, did I tell you that I love duckies in the water? Well Sir Duckymeter goes a step further in making me love duckies. I recommend this "toy" as a safety net for moms of  wee little ones!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product from Ozeri to facilitate this review. I was not compensated. Opinions are just mine alone.

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