Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food Should Taste Good® Pita Puffs - New Product Review

What a delight I found left on my porch by the delivery people! It was a surprise and I am so delighted. I absolutely love the "Food Should Taste Good®" products and these great folks have sent me a box of their newer goodies.
These tasty snacks have a really long name...... FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD®. Well, that is a profound statement and yet it is truly an understatement. Mankind loves to eat and loves to have good tasting food to eat. So it stands to reason that we want our food to TASTE GOOD! Right? Right!

If you have not YET discovered the goodies these folks have created from simple ingredients, then you have to get with the program, folks. Go grab a bag of their blue chips or their sweet potato chips. Then while you're at it, see if you can find this new kid on the block - The New Food Should Taste Good® PITA PUFFS.

Now just what was in this box of goodies sitting on my front porch? The Pita Puffs come in 4 flavors and there was one of each! Yummy! My hubby and I are set to munch and crunch our way through these bags. Let's look at the ingredients for the Pita Puffs Chive crunchy goodies.  Lots of good grains, chives, olive oil, and a touch of sweetness with molasses. Did you realize that FSTG doesn't use any GMO in their products? Well, I consider that a real plus.

Food Should Taste Good® is currently getting third-party verification of their GMO status products.  

My thoughts on the new Pita Puffs . . . .  Well, they are light, airy, flavorable. The crunch is a light, crispy-crunch and not a hard, crack-your-jaw crunch. It would probably be difficult for some who like to sit 'n much not to simply devour the whole bag. I like them. But I think they might not be my most favorite of the Food Should Taste Good® products. But we all have favorites, don't we. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary package of  Food Should Taste Good® Pita Puffs containing 4 bags. I was not required to write a review and especially not expected to review the products positively. Opinions expressed are solely my own. Product information if gleaned from the product website.

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