Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cascadian Farms Launches Three New Products

Cascadian Farm branded products are a variety of organic foods. I recently shared some information on my blog about organic food. Click here to read. I especially enjoyed the short videos. No, I and my family are not solely organic foodies; but we do eat as healthy as we can and include as much organic and/or less processed food as possible in our diets. Growing up, my mother cooked most everything from "scratch" and we ate lots of fresh veggies. When I raised my own family, I was also a "scratch" cook. We really enjoyed the bounty from our friends' and neighbors' gardens every summer. Organic? No, but mighty good. In today's world, it is really important to consider encouraging our farmers and food producers to get back to the quality and safety of organic foods.

I consider it such a blessing to receive quality products to enjoy and then to share my thoughts to my readers....

The good folks at Cascadian Farms recently emailed me, along with other bloggers, to see if I would be interested in trying three new products they have created. These looked fantastic in the pictures and so I told them I'd love to. So they sent me a box of Graham Crunch cereal and two boxes of their new protein bars - peanut butter chocolate chip chewy bars and honey roasted nut chewy bars.

Cascadian Farm Organic Crunch Cereal.....

The Cascadian Farm Organic Graham Crunch cereal is absolutely delicious. Another cereal maker produces a graham squares cereal that I enjoy very much, but this new Cascadian Farm cereal simply tops the other hands-down! It is great as a "nibble-food" or in a bowl with milk. I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but I do enjoy a bowl of cereal in the evening and this one has hit the spot. INGREDIENTS: WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT*, SUGAR*, RICE FLOUR*, OAT FIBER*, SUNFLOWER OIL*, DEXTROSE*, MOLASSES*, BAKING SODA, SEA SALT, SOY LECITHIN*, VITAMIN E (MIXED TOCOPHEROLS) ADDED TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS.  *ORGANIC
12 Grams of Whole Grain per Serving

Cascadian Farm Protein Bars.....

This week I have had the privilege of tucking these Cascadian Farm Protein bars in my desk drawer at work for a snack for those moments when I need a little pick-me-up. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the bars, but my favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip chewy bar. Little wonder, you know. It does have chocolate chips in it!   INGREDIENTS PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIC: PEANUTS*, PEANUT BUTTER* (PEANUTS*, SALT), HONEY*, PEA PROTEIN*, TAPIOCA SYRUP*, RICE FLOUR*, SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS* (SUGAR*, CHOCOLATE LIQUOR*†, COCOA BUTTER*†, DEXTROSE*, VANILLA*), SUNFLOWER OIL*, SEA SALT. *ORGANIC

These Protein bars have 9 grams of protein in each serving and they get this protein with pea protein, an organic protein that is derived from plants. Most folks think of protein as coming from eating meat, but the plant world has a host of sources of protein - mainly peas and beans.  I'm telling you, folks, these don't taste like any "bean" product I've ever eaten. They are really tasty.

I know that there have been some bad vibes on the internet about Cascadian Farms selling out to GM, but as long as they are what they say they are - a company committed to producing organic foods, providing sustainable packaging, farming using sustainable methods, etc. - then I am all for them! And there are Boxtops for Education that we can clip and give to our schools and each is worth 10 cents. 

DISCLOSURE: I received these products to sample and chose to review them on my blog. Opinions expressed are solely my own and I received no compensation for my review. Product information retrieved from the Cascadian Farm Organic website.

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